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UFOs in Paintings

Jose Collado

Skilled Investigator
These could virtually be visual representations of anything. The Australian cave painting is extremely suspect because what they claim "It is believed they represent ET beings" No, they are simply representing spirits from the Dream Time.

I am extremely skeptical of all of it having seen the aboriginal cave painting being portrayed as something to do with ET's.


Paranormal Adept
I have always been fascinated by this subject. Of course I read Daniken's "Chariots of the Gods" at an early age, which may have corrupted me.

These representations appear to be UFOs, and some are consistent with the types of UFOs we see even into these modern times. But the truth is: we don't know exactly what they represent. There is one case on that page that details a sighting in 1783, which is very compelling; because we have details.

I don't know what, if any, conclusions we can reach with these paintings other than the artists saying collectively "there are strange things going on in our skies and we attribute them to the god(s.)"


Paranormal Novice
It is indeed compelling evidence as to how past cultures have interpreted unexplained phenomena. It's difficult, however, to assign a clear definition as to what exactly they were interpreting. Was it a soul, a contemporary iconic representation, mysticism or unexplained aerial phenomena? Difficult to say, but it should be noted that sometimes if you look at similar contemporary artistic works, something we see as suspicious (like the feminine qualities of the apostle John in Renaissance art) isn't necessarily so.


King of Mars

Rain on the parade ( a little rain never hurt no one) :D :


"A red, broad-brimmed hat is chief among the cardinal's insignia; it was granted to secular cardinals by Pope Innocent IV, 1245."

Mystery solved!



i love the prehistoric cardinal hat...


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Disco still sucks.
This subject just absolutely fascinates me. It tells us for sure that what is still being experienced has spanned at least centuries.

Interesting that we are no closer to the truth than they were back then. In some respects, we may have even wandered farther away from the truth.

Thank you for posting this.


Skilled Investigator
Some time ago I think it was David that put up a post about the
"Museo Nacional Del Prado" on google earth, Thanks btw.

If you have google earth, then take a look at Bosch triptych, The Garden of Earthly Delights, within their masterpieces menu. You can view this and other paintings in very high resolution, just click the link.

Anyway when you get there, look at the central portion of the painting and then the top left corner.
Point being, what on earth (or otherwise) is the silver thing on the fish in the sky, and those guys behind the pink structure next to the river, WTF?
The rest of the painting could have thread all to itself.




Skilled Investigator
so, maybe the artists did use symbolism to represent angels, etc. how much of a coincidence is it that they picked a symbol that just happens to be very much like what is described in UFO reports of modern and not-so-modern ages???

did everybody who says they saw a UFO and described it, happen to have seen those paintings?

especially the one showing a narrow beam shining down on Mary. To me, that one looks way too mechanical for an abstract symbol representing an angel.

and in the Bible itself is a very famous line "Ezekiel saw the wheel". was that a "symbolic" representation of an angel?

sometimes a cigar IS a cigar.

oh well. not that any of this gets us any closer to real answers, but it certainly is intriguing.


Skilled Investigator
I think it isn't possible to say with total confidence what these "objects" portrayed in the paintings are. Almost all of them are representations of religious/biblical scenes and that should also make us think for a while. Is there something in the mechanisms of human perception that makes us absorve the UFO phenomena in a similar way, despite of the historical eras and cultural surroundings? Some art experts can explain away most of these anomalous elements in the paintings. But they aren't able to see them in their whole anthropological, religious and intellectual context.