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UFO tracking app


Skilled Investigator
Is there any system out there now that can text or email you within moments of a UFO report that may be near you?

USI Calgary

J. Randall Murphy
Staff member
This is the kind of thing if done right could really be interesting. May be good to get creator on and get him answering tough questions about his concept. the app would need to be able to filter out nut jobs and boy cry wolf types, but otherwise could be real useful.
UFO-Track: UFO Tracking in Real Time | Indiegogo
Interesting. Right now there is ufostalker.com which can be routed through an RSS feed to your PC or phone ( if it supports that feature ).


Skilled Investigator
Neat. But it would be better if the app allowed to submit reports too. Maybe they could integrate airline flight maps too so you could quickly rule those out. Maybe you could encourage private pilots to use too to plot their flight path as added safety to control towers?