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UFO Sits In Skies Of Northern Ireland? Real or Not?

Ron Collins

Curiously Confused
Well, there is a washing machine in the yard so I guess it could be Scotland. Or it could be Arkansas. As for the object, I don't know. It looks interesting enough to take a closer look though.

The thing about straight to You Tube UFO vids is that you know next to nothing about who, where, and when. If this were a real sighting you would hope it would be reported and a local investigator/researcher would have looked for correlative and collaborative data. If not, it's just another "cool" video.


Paranormal Maven
It was capture in Northen Ireland. I did look to see if there were any other videos that showed the same object captured by a different people, but no luck, so far...

Yea, it's a shame You Tube is so polluted. Anyway, thank's for the feedback.


Paranormal Adept
It probably wouldn't be easy to compensate the shaking of the camera, if it's CGI. Somehow it feels off, though, as if the shaking isn't quite matched. One would have to do a frame by frame analysis.


J. Randall Murphy
UFODI ( UFO Disclosure Ireland ) looks like yet another online UFO video channel noise generator. IMO the only purpose of these videos is to act as free advertising. Without verifiable background information and independent eyewitness corroboration, these videos are a waste of time and space.

We also have a thread for these called Faked or Too Good To Be True: Faked or Too Good to be True | The Paracast Community Forums
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J. Randall Murphy
Thanks, I will keep that in mind for a next time if I find some thing, I will post it there.
My apologies if I came across with a negative wave there. All genuine participation here deserves recognition, but we've seen so much of this kind of thing that after a while it's easy to get a bit cynical. I hope you continue to post anything that you find interesting and relevant and enjoy your time here on the Paracast forum :) .