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UFO Sighting Data Science

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Steve Wehba

Paranormal Novice
A basic question I have had for a long time is where is there not a comprehensive statistical/data science study of UFO sightings. Perhaps there is, but I have never seen it. Why do we not have a database that provides statistical answers to the following questions:

  • How are UFO sightings distributed geographically?
  • How are UFO sightings distributed by time of day, month of year, and season?
  • Is there any correlation between the frequency of UFO sightings and moon phases, solar cycles, etc?
  • What is the distribution of UFO sightings near major cities, remote areas, mountains, bodies of water, nuclear power plants, military bases, air fields, etc.?
  • Is there a statistical difference in how UFOs are reported by men vs. women, adults vs. adolescents and children, etc.
  • How about correlations between level of education, level of religious identification, etc. and UFO reports?
  • What about profession?
  • What percentages of sightings are recurrent sightings by the same individual vs. first-time sightings?
These are questions about just sighting *occurrences*. We could ask similar question about sighting *characteristics*.

Of course, I may be mistaken, and these studies may exist, but where are they, and why are they not prominent in the Ufology field? It would seem like this should be the starting point of any discussion about the UFO phenomenon.

What do you all think?