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UFO researcher George Knapp & Cryptozoologist Loren Coleman on The Paracast

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Gene Steinberg

Forum Super Hero
Staff member
Join us on October 8th, when award-winning TV newscaster and UFO investigator George Knapp talks about the weird paranormal events reported at the Skinwalker Ranch in Utah.

In addition, Cryptozoologist Loren Coleman will be on hand to set the record straight about reports of strange creatures and other phenomena.

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I forgot he was involved with Skinwalker Ranch. Heard it was pretty crazy

David Biedny

Paranormal Adept
The Skinwalker situation is seriously weird, but I have my doubts, as you'll discover when the episode with George Knapp airs.

Brian Haughton

Paranormal Novice
It's a bizarre story. I heard both Knapp and Colm A. Kelleher (authors of the Hunt for the Skinwalker book based on the incidents) on Jeff Rense, they sounded credible enough and Rense seemed to believed them. However, there are questions as to why, for example, they didn't include any photographs of the phenomena in their book, and why no other scientist who worked on the investigation is actually named. Knapp is also supposed to have made a documentary about the happennings at the ranch, but I don't know what's happened to that.

Still, a fascinating story.


Great episode Gene and David!

Mr. Knapp's recounting of the purported events at the ranch really made my skin crawl and I will have to remember not to listen to this type of stuff while trying to go to sleep. I had some interesting dreams and now I also want to visit the Uinta Basin and see for myself. ;D

Brian Haughton

Paranormal Novice
Really interesting and balanced show with George Knapp. Skinwalker is such a bizarre case that without hard evidence it becomes a question of whether you believe what the family who lived on the ranch claim to have experienced, as well as what the National Institute for Discovery Science people who investigated the ranch afterwards documented. I can't believe they were all making it up. But, as is so often the case with the paranormal, we're faced with anecdotal rather than scientific evidence.

There's a couple of things about Skinwalker on the NIDS website (Jacques Vallee is on the advisory board) along with some other interesting investigations into the paranormal they've undertaken.

Here's the link - Nidsci.org


I'm a little puzzled by Davids reactions to each of these quests.

During the Skin Walker segment David was being the skeptic and asking legitimate question in regards to data such as Physical and Photographic. I can personally relate to some of the things that were happening to this family. 20 yrs ago living in the mountains of Az I had a few similar expiriences and this episode really struck a nerve with me. In fact I haven't slept for 2 days because of it.

Durning the Crypto interview David just seemed to sit back and accept everything this guy was saying. Were is the Bigfoot remains, pictures, nests or whatever to offer as evidence that these creatures do in fact walk our woods. Theres nothing compelling but a few hair samples that could be anything.

He was also speaking about the new Hobbit Species. This claim is nowhere near being close to being validated. Right now its just a theory

I personally think there are plenty of creatures and critters running around that we haven't cataloged.

Due to personal expirience the skinwalker issue really resonated with me.

Thanks Gene, David and Mr. UFO for a great show.

Jim S.

Was it just me, or did Mr. Knapp start to get a little defensive when asked why the information that was collected by NIDS wasn't being shared? As a journalist, you'd think he would understand very well the need for something more than a mans word when it comes to stories such as these.

And if I remember correctly, his explanation as to why the info is being withheld is because the scientists involved are afraid of ridicule. You would think they would have considered that before becoming involved in the case at all.

Interesting story either way, can't wait for the movie... ;)


Paranormal Novice
I appreciate this alternative to Coast to Coast with a serious posture on anomalous events. However -- everyone with an interest in these areas wants to be presented with hard evidence - proof of UFOs, bigfoot, ghosts, etc. So enough already with your demands for hard proof. It is neither effective or original. Everyone wants that; and many researchers in the field have spent their own personal funds, time and effort with very little satisfaction. Those of us who follow these stories owe a debt of gratitude to them.

Ed Bigelow withholds the evidence on the Skinwalker Ranch for his own purposes. Maybe he will decide to make a movie. I appreciate his attempt to gather scientific evidence and allow George Knapp access to the ranch and to write a book on the story.


George is without a doubt one of my favorite researchers. Loren too.

I find it extremely disappointing that after a decade no good evidence has come up. I also think that any scientist that is unwilling to show their face when dealing with the profound proves him/herself to be a poor scientist.

Koji K.

Skilled Investigator
I just had the unfortunate experience of listening to the George Knapp / Colm Kelleher interview on C2C, and one of the two was making a big deal about how this Bigelow guy was "way beyond" the need to profit off of the Skinwalker Ranch story, and Art and the two guests had a big old suck-up session to their benefactor...

George Knapp: "I don't think people have any idea about just how big Bigelow is and how insignificant something like [opening a paranormal-themed hotel in the Skinwalker Ranch area for profit] would be, to someone like him."

And so on..

You can listen to the segment here (if you really want to):

So, my question is, if Skinwalker is genuine, if NIDS is genuine, if this entrepreneur Bigelow now finds himself beyond the need to profit, where the hell are all the videos and tapes and documentation they claim to have? I haven't bought webspace lately but surely it would cost less to put the data up on a website somewhere than it would to build a hotel? What possible reason could there be to withhold them now, 2 or 3 years after the book came out, 10 years after NIDS was at the ranch... :confused:

Are the three measly pics at the awful huntfortheskinwalker.com actually the sum fruits of their study?

I appreciate the cattle mutilation reports and the black triangle study, and I even loved the Skinwalker book- but it seems like this has just been abandoned, the way one abandons a formerly-favorite toy. Sort of the way Steven Greer abandoned all his disclosure witnesses to move on to something more amusing for him.

A big disservice to the field, IMO. People have done a LOT more with a LOT less. :mad:



curious skeptic
UFO researcher George Knapp & Cryptozoologist Loren Coleman on The Paracast

Good interview. I'd still like Knaap to expose the evidence, no matter how minimal, to the public and let everyone see what they DID document.


Skilled Investigator
UFO researcher George Knapp & Cryptozoologist Loren Coleman on The Paracast

I have a buddy who's occasionally in contact with Knapp about a television documentary about the study at Skinwalker. She's said he's still working on it, but it's been several years since the book came out and he doesn't explain the hold up. Could just be a marketing problem, but he isn't saying. Could be a whole host of issues that can't be navigated.


curious skeptic
UFO researcher George Knapp & Cryptozoologist Loren Coleman on The Paracast

Thanks Poi. I'd certainly like to see that.

Tommy Allison

UFO researcher George Knapp & Cryptozoologist Loren Coleman on The Paracast

I like George Knapp. He strikes me as a no BS kind of guy.