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Twenty six things all Abductees should know pt2 By: Posey Gilbert

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Posey Gilbert

Paranormal Maven
Twenty-six things all Abductees should know before allowing so called
Alien Abduction investigators to investigate their cases.
By Posey Gilbert 11/14/99.
Part 2

18) When you do not know, or are unable to answer a question just say so.
Some investigators will find problems with this but only the aliens know why they do what they do.
If you try to answer questions you do not really know the answers to you will end up confabulating speculations which does no one any good.
Like the old saying goes, "Talk about what you know about."
If you do feel you must speculate state it as such a speculation.
There are those investigators that will press you to answer all their questions, but if you cannot, then do not, regardless of what they may say or feel.
Remember the hardest question to answer about Alien Encounters is "Why?" and "Why not?"
This is because "Whys" require Linear answers for Quantum Phenomena, for both questions relate to cause and effect which is in itself a Linear concept.
Things that occur in Quantum Phenomena often have no whys or why nots they just happen, and are as they are, because that is the way they are suppose to be.
This is totally unacceptable and rejectable to the Linear way of viewing, and understanding the Universe.
If during the time between when you contact, or are contacted by an Investigator you stumble across some whys and wherefores right them down and speak of them if you like but do not try to fill in the spaces on the spur of the moment just because you are asked to and feel you must.
The understanding of these Quantum Events unfolds to the Linear Mind over time, and if you later develop another understanding of what happened, know that you will be confronted by those that interviewed you if what you say now seems to contradict what you said earlier, and rightly so.
This is why the presence of an Experiencer at your interview will prove invaluable.
19) Regardless of how strange your encounters may be, be as accurate as you can about them, when telling them to your investigator.
Because Quantum Time, now there's an oxymoron for you, and Linear Time are experienced differently do not be surprised if you recall events out of sync, or remember seeing yourself during your experience from the outside also.
Tell them as best you can remember them happening, with out getting trapped in the whys and wherefores.
20) Try not to become agitated or crossed with your investigators' inability to understand what you are trying to say.
It does not matter if they seem to believe you, or not.
What is important is your accuracy in your recounting.
Those that never saw an elephant would not believe you either if you told them about it, but their disbelief can not non exist elephants, just as the investigators belief can not validate, or invalidate what you know you have experienced.
21) When talking about sizes of craft if that is what they are, try to be as accurate as you can, do not worry about obvious differences of the insides to the outsides of these things.
Remember this is Quantum Phenomena you are talking about, just say what you saw, as you remember it.
Trying to explain how an object may seem larger on the inside than the outside, will come just as easy for you as it would for a caveman after seeing a TV trying to tell the people of his time that he saw beings that could fit the whole universe in a box.
When dealing with a culture that can fold and step outside of our Linear concepts of time and space, where does time, space, distance, and size, and shape fit in?
It doesn't so do not get caught up on trying to explain it, just stick to what you know you experienced.
22) Expect to be grilled on these things by the Investigator because for the most part they are all set in the Linear way of seeing the universe.
Explain as best you can what you can, and what you cannot explain leave alone.
23) Do not be afraid to look the Investigator straight into their eyes and express yourself clearly as you possibly can allowing your emotions of that time and during the experience to show if possible, but do not fake it.
If you are telling the truth this will never be a problem, as you recount the event your body will naturally reflect what you felt during those times.
Do not try to mask these feelings; yet do not become overwhelmed by them either.
Simply tell the things as they happened to you, and your body will do the rest.

24) Be honest about your visual handicaps, or if you were drinking or were taking medication at that time.
Just because you have bad vision, had a drink, or was on medication again does not disavow what you saw, although it can offer another explanation.
Because of diabetes I now suffer a loss of some vision.
Still while I was in Virginia I witnessed UFO activity.
My brother Chuck was having a beer at the time and he saw it too, as did my father who takes heart medication.
Does that mean this event did not happen?
I think not, all three of us saw and described the same thing.
25) Do not be swayed one way or the other by the actions, or reactions of investigator just tell what you remember and no more.
Some investigators have their own hidden agendas and you, if you are not careful, may find your self-making one or all of the following mistakes.
You may...
A) Get caught up in their positive reaction.
B) Become crossed by their negative response.
C) Become disheartened by their apparent indifference to what you have to say.
Thus I again repeat here it is important that you ignore their reactions and stick to what you experienced, and know to be true.
Stay focused on what you are both there for, your report.
If later the investigator wants you to highlight parts of your report then fine go into the details if you can without embellishments to anything.
Remember they are not there to be entertained by you.
Hopefully both you and they are there for the same reason to make heads or tails out of these events, and to do that both parties should be up front and precise in what they say and do.
26) Most of all remember Investigators are human too, and so are subject to all the good and bad points that come with being just that, human.
To be a good Investigator they must also bring with then some skepticism, but and open mind also.
Do not be offended by skepticism or flattered by an open mind when you are confronted with either.
Skepticism is not your enemy, nor an open mind your friend.
They are only the tools of a good investigator, and an investigator is but only a chronicler.
Know that they are not there to help you, or heal you; they are just there to hear you.
They have no power, other than that which you give them, so give them the truth.
In the end, it is only you that can really make use of, or turn loose of, your experiences.
If along the way you can bring light to this subject and thereby help someone else through it, fine that in it will be its own reward.
If you should never find answers to your own questions, it is still important that you be as factual and accurate as possible when ever you speak on these matters to Investigators, Skeptics, and fellow Experiencers alike.
That is the only way we may ever find the truth behind this phenomenon.


Paranormal Maven
I agree when you have an experience report what you've experienced. Make no speculation or jump to conclusions. If you are seeking help giving improper information will make it more difficult to help.