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Triangular UFO?


Skilled Investigator
Hello everyone, I would like to recount a strange night time sighting I had a few years back. I call my experience a UFO sighting only because I could not identify what it was that I saw. At the time, I was an active duty hospital corpsmen stationed at the Naval Medical Center in San Diego, California. Me and a co-worker would take nightly smoke breaks on an outside stair well that flanked the back of the hospital. One night we were talking to each other about general stuff, when behind him in the night sky I saw the stars disappear. From left to right in the night sky, a large triangular swath of black was gliding across blocking the light of the stars. I exclaimed "look up there", as I pointed in the direction the thing was gliding. He saw the thing and said something to the effect of "Is that a bird?". I know what we saw was no bird. It was perfectly triangular, had no lights, and made not one sound. We saw it for only about 30 seconds or less. In my opinion, it was flying too low and close to down-town San Diego to be a military aircraft. Furthermore, to my knowledge the Navy does not fly stealth bombers, and there are no Air-force bases nearby. In closing, the only other thing which makes this event mentionable is the eerie feeling that I got. Something just felt strange about this whole situation. Thanks for every ones time.


In closing, the only other thing which makes this event mentionable is the eerie feeling that I got. Something just felt strange about this whole situation. Thanks for every ones time.

Thanks for sharing Rodeo97,

A lot of people report an eerie feeling when they have such a sighting. I wonder if its purely the fact that you are witnessing something that challenges your own reality or something else such as an emotional transfer from the object or possible entities.


Reality Support Tech
Appreciate the info, just wondering about this:

Something just felt strange about this whole situation.

Not sure what it signifies, but have you ever had the same feeling before or after seeing the object?

Also, have you told anyone else about this? How do you feel when you talk or write about it?


Skilled Investigator
It only felt strange because of the context. I would say that it was some kind of stealth aircraft, but I would not expect to see one at such a low altitude and so close to the center of a large metropolitan city. I have had a few bouts of sleep paralysis in the past, but I don't think that the events are in any way connected.


Skilled Investigator
I have to admit I have no knowledge on military aircraft so maybe this is a dumb question but, I would think even stealth planes have lights don't they? I know they are radar invisible, but do they fly without marker lights too? I also wonder, did you hear any noise from it?


Skilled Investigator
I know it sounds like a lot of the other "black triangle" sightings, but that's probably because other people are seeing the same thing. Unlike many of the triangle stories I have read about, this one had no lights. However, like other triangle accounts the object was silent and relatively large. If it was gliding at the altitude that I judged, it must have been about the size of very large bomber type of aircraft such as a B-52 or larger.