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Triangle vid

David Biedny

Paranormal Adept
The problems with this one are that it seems to be fairly small, it's not moving, perhaps rotatng slowly, could be a balloon with some lights attached. We never see it move quickly, the lights are somewhat mundane - not particularly strong, if you attached lights to a balloon you would have to hoist a battery up with the thing, which means the brightness of the lights would have to be scaled back. The one weird thing was how the red blinking light seemed to move along the edge of the thing towards the end. Overall, another shot of lights in the night sky.



Illegitimate Clone
I notice the red light is alway oriented toward the bottom of the frame relative to the triangular lights as if it were detached from the triangular formation rather than running along it's edge.

Seems like it's attached to a tether or string with the triangular lights rotating around. Probably a kite with lights. Hard to tell anything definitive.