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Touch Lamps & Ghosts


J. Randall Murphy
Let's secretly plant a small receiver and loudspeaker in the lamp and have some real fun. :D

Just kidding of course !

That's hilarious, but at the same time I should confess that I tried "communicating" too when my lamps started acting up. I just never realized how absolutely silly it could look to a skeptical outside observer. Strangely enough my lamp hadn't been acting up at all for months, but the same day I posted the "ghost lamp" video above, it started coming on at odd times again. I purchased it used from a nice older lady. I asked her if there was anything wrong with them and she said "no". When I asked her why she wanted to sell them she said her husband had passed on. I didn't connect the dots until I ran across this whole "ghost lamp" subculture ( if you could call it that ).