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Timely advise


Skilled Investigator
Thought I would share something you all might find interesting,

As I have mentioned before my late stepmother (Joy), was a clairvoyant and a very good one by all accounts and by my own experience whilst we all lived together.
She used Tarot cards most of the time though she favoured the I Ching. I think she used cards mostly because of the theatrical element expected by most of her clients, though she was one of those people who didn't really need any tools for the job shall we say. She could quite literally read you like a book, quite a problem if you think about it. A little intimidating at times, but she was a very wise and kind woman who managed her abilities very carefully and I have yet to meet a more balanced, level headed and for want of a better word, normal psychic.

Anyway when I was about 22 I had a bit of a bust up with my Boss, we have since made up and he's a close friend btw. Which ended with me walking out.
Even at that age I was determined to make my living playing guitar and at the time I had a couple of regular weekly gigs and I figured WTF now I'm free why not spend some time trying to get a full time gig.
So I did what everyone did at the time and scoured publications like the NME, Melody Maker etc and I found an ad from a singer songwriter seeking musicians to form a new Rock band.

I rang up and spoke to the girl behind the ad (I will refer to her as Kate, not her real name) and learned she had been in a fairly successful band (I had heard them on Radio 1 doing a live session so I was keen) but since their break up she had written a lot of new material and wanted to get back out on the road with something new. I went along auditioned for her and got the gig.
We hit it off really well and aside from the fact I was truly impressed with her voice, songs and great playing (Piano) we pretty soon discovered we had a lot of interests in common, the paranormal for one.

After 1 or 2 weeks of writing/rehearsing I came home one night after a particularly creative session and soon settled down to watch a music show on TV whilst eating my dinner. Joy came and sat in the same room and very unusually for her, she started to lay out a spread of Tarot cards on the coffee table. She never did this on her free time so I was rather surprised. I finished my meal, washed up and came back to crash out on the sofa and relax. I sat down and Joy said to me "I know you're interested in this sort of thing Mark do you want me to explain a little of how I use the cards". She was of course right so I sat with her and she began.

Some of the time she asked what I felt about any given portion of the spread and ignorant little me said stuff like "Well I like that bit because of colour combinations or I dont like this because of whatever", you get the picture. Well after about 30 minutes or so of my apparently relevant
observations Joy then started to tell me what she was picking up.

Now please bare in mind, though I had told her and my dad what I thought of this muso girl I was working with, I hadn't and simply couldn't tell them very much because I didn't know much about her myself.

Anyway Joy then pointed out a card and said,
"That is Kate, and that card next to it is her Father and this over here looks to me like Kate has at some point had a very serious illness which I'm sorry to say makes this bit here look to me like she is severely schizophrenic. Also there is still or has been a great problem between Kate and her father over something he feels she did wrong".

There may have been more but that's the important stuff. Quite specific and without hesitation, not asked for, never repeated, and we never asked Joy to perform ever. In retrospect I must say I do feel Joy was actually trying to steer me right on this occasion.

So next time I go to rehearse when the door opens and there's Kate looking either very tired or stoned, and she didn't smoke. I go in through the house to the studio and start setting up my rig. When Kate eventually appears with cups of tea, I ask how she is. She responds quietly like it hurts, and basically lets loose with a flood of apologies for being in such a state and that she really should explain what's up.

You know what I'm going say.

"Mark I have to tell you I am schizophrenic and if we are to work together I feel I must tell you now as this condition can get out of hand at any time and will be an obvious problem should you want to continue with this project".

Have to say I wasn't completely surprised by this and I told her so and I went on to explain why. After hearing about Joy's reading I know for sure Kate was enthralled by that, and it did go some way in lightening her mood. The stuff about her previous illness was all about a particular evening when she being a good Jewish girl disobeyed her Father and went out on some particular night of the week (excuse my ignorance) anyway she went out and got taken ill and some guys took advantage of that, and in the end she ended up in hospital with some serious blood disorder which nearly killed her. She was out of action for months in hospital and though she got over all that she does suffer still in other ways.
Consequently her Father holds to some belief that it was all because of her disobedience she has in some way brought this upon herself and in the process shamed him in some way. Each to his own I guess.

As it ended up I didn't continue working with Kate, but I will say that when she was wearing her Happy head she was an incredibly talented individual? If that's the right word.



Paranormal Adept
Thanks for sharing this story. Really makes me wonder how/if we're all connected in some way...sharing some energy trail or something.


Skilled Investigator
Wow, thanks for sharing. She must have been successful doing that so accuarately and probably got a lot of repeat business, due to it!

I saw my first (and only) Psychic in Cassadega, Fla (it was my mom's idea) when I was about 13 or 14.

She told me eerily accurate things that would happen over the span of my teens and adult years and even into my old age.

To this date, nearly everything she told me, has happened. And I've been through some unusual experiences...some the like which weren't even heard of at that younger age, when I saw her, yet she still accurately predicted it.

So, I'm not completely closed-minded that there are not a few talented, accurate people such as your stepmother (and that Psychic I saw) in the world!


Skilled Investigator
Interesting. I've been trying to guess the artist. I can think of an artist who seems to fit this description but I'll keep quiet.


Skilled Investigator
Wow, thanks for sharing. She must have been successful doing that so accuarately and probably got a lot of repeat business, due to it!

Your right Bixyboo,

She did get a lot of repeat bookings but one of the things that I came to understand and respect most about Joy was the fact that she did her level best to actually discourage people from doing just that.
Her philosophy was quite simple really and that was "If we were meant to know our destiny we would have been born with a little book detailing all that was to come, and what good would that be?"

To her way of thinking this would just make people lazy and complacent and ultimately extinguish any desire for learning and creativity. It could ultimately become a sort of crutch to some people and that surely is not healthy.

A long time before my dad met her, Joy had gained quite a reputation for herself during the 70's in London and was in demand in certain circles. During this period she was approached by the Rosicrucians, by someone very high up in that orginisation asking her to join. She declined and over time this guy just kept on nagging her which only resulted in her becoming more and more determined not to. As she explained to me once, in her opinion using abilities like hers for whatever reason can only ever have a bad outcome, not just for herself but also for those around her, especially when performed within a group with specific agendas.

She viewed herself as merely a conduit through which this type of information could flow and the concious wielding of such a (gift), if that's what some want to call it, for whatever purpose involves the ego and no matter how smart you think you are when dealing with this kind of thing FOR REAL, if you have any common sense at all you had better be mighty careful about what you're doing. Our family has seen the consequences of this which I have already detailed here in another thread and it wasn't pretty. There are lots of other things I could go into about Joy and in time I probably will, but the main thing I want to get across is just how much respect I had for her. Her common sense attitudes were probably the consequence of being brought up on a farm through the war years and her strength of character was what made her truly special.
To my mind she saved my dads life, after many years of anguish, she managed to put up with a sometimes difficult young man namely me and she taught me amongst many other things to be humble, grateful and patient and not to get out of my pram if things aren't going the way I want them to.

Just to give you a little insight into what she liked to do for kicks.
Joy liked to gamble, not large amounts and mostly on horse racing I think. She knew people in the industry and often got good tips, there were times when she got lucky but no more than anyone else. She liked to read up on the horses and bet accordingly. I think this makes perfect sense now, as I honestly believe that she could have predicted many outcomes but chose not to.

Anyway talking of "Nags", I'm getting told to go get in the bath.

Catch you later :)



Paranormal Maven
Anyway talking of "Nags", I'm getting told to go get in the bath.


Synchronicity, man!
My gal just told me to go shower my stinky ass before I get on the clean bed not 5 minutes ago. I guess that means the Creator wants me to bathe. That time of the month.