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Thoughts on Prophecies


Skilled Investigator
Today over dinner , i had this thought about prophecies , basically it was , what if if the people that do predictions and prophecies are extremely sensitive to radio waves and some how they are actually picking up movies and news reports from a alternative earth in another universe thats timeline is ahead a couple of hundreds years. I know this sounds odd, but radio waves can travel through space without fading ,so why can't they travel across universes .We are living in a multi-verse.


Paranormal Novice
I'll bite because this is a pretty interesting idea, and something I've never actually thought about before.

I don't know if I can speak to how plausible the idea really is, but I have a couple of questions for consideration. Assuming we live in a multi-verse (I am by no means opposed to it but the whole concept of parallel dimensions raises some flags for some people) the possibility of this would be highly dependent on the types of interactions between the two (or more) universes. If it were possible to pass waves of sound between worlds then it would be possible that there is somebody out there that can pick up on the communications from the other side. (Reminds me of the Fringe TV series)

Now if we assume there are different universes out there moving forward in parallel but not necessarily at the same point in time, and we also assume that each of these universes takes on a unique path through time, it would explain why most predictions are wrong =P. Interesting idea to think about

As a side note, This can be within the realm of possibility with a holographic universe idea, One of the implications of the holographic universe that is time is merely a perception of the human consciousness and that everything past present and future is all there at any given time. Anyone who is "in tune" with the frequencies of the universe would, in theory, be able to see any events from the past, present, or future. I suppose at some level these ideas are similar, prophets require some level of connection to the world or worlds around us. I know thats a little weak on background info on the holographic universe idea, but its been a while since I've read about it.

Just my two cents and some food for thought

Jose Collado

Skilled Investigator
It's an idea, unfortunately, there's no way to hold water on a theory of an alternative Earth and its radio waves. If these radio waves did exist, we'd be able to measure them.

Prophecies are usually made after the fact or are so vague that they can translate across a broad spectrum.