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This guy has some compelling footage of poltergeist activity

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Skilled Investigator
The fact that a phenomena doesn't go away isn't telling me that it is true. Look at the diversity of religion. This isn't going away but it is impossible for them all to be true. Ghosts, UFO's, and other alleged phenomenon will continue to exist despite what the truth might be.

AA, you would have to reasonably admit that the line between a true phenomena chronicled by video alone versus the hoaxes is rather thin and sketchy. How is the average person supposed to tell the difference?? They begin by being skeptical and speculating how such a "phenomena" might be made. Is it from some unknown ethereal enigma or from someone who is just clever with a camera and computer??

So, now, is it too much to ask that the phenomenon is filmed in some type of controlled environment?? Because I would love to see something real and I'm not too close-minded to pronounce that such stuff is impossible and the stuff of fantasy. But the people don't ever seem to want to do this type of thing. Why?? What they do often times is put out a video as proof of something while at the same time saying they don't intend to try and convince anyone of anything. I don't get it. If something like this is actually true, wouldn't it have important considerations and implications for all of humanity?? Wouldn't this be of great importance?? And if so, then why the lack of anything more than some piece of "evidence" that is superficially convincing??

I'd like to know what the truth is. But I haven't seen anything that would brighten all those shadows of doubt. So you'll have to excuse some of us that don't find the evidence as the truth. The process just involves a needed demarcation between truth and fantasy or truth and hoax. And that demarcation line has proved very difficult to draw leaving us with doubt of any so-called phenomenon.

Thanks for the links you provided, I'll have to keep reading.


Skilled Investigator
Thanks so much for your comments on this but I'm not into debating with debunkers. I've read a good many of your posts in this forum and it appears that you are most definitely a skeptic in all things UFO and paranormal. Not that I have any problem with that as it's always good to show 2 sides of the story but there are others here who, as you know, love debating on these topics as much as you do... but I'm not one of them.
Thanks once again for your feedback. No offense intended. :redface:


Skilled Investigator
I'm not trying to drag anyone into an argument. I just have questions.
Here's what I think:
I think there may be something significant to the UFO phenomenon.
I think there may be something to ghostly encounters and other paranormal phenomena.
And here is what I know:
I know I don't have the answers to these questions, so in the process of educating myself I ask questions.
I know that a closed mind is a mind that is already made up.
I know that an open mind can sometimes be too open allowing anything and everything in. It seems there needs to be some type of filter. And I guess that filter for me is just being skeptical until I see more.

I'm certainly not a debunker. And I don't have my mind made up. You'll have to understand that I am a person going into this with no experiences. An unexperiencer if you will. I can understand how an experience would simply change a "maybe" into "I know, I HAD the experience myself". I don't have that so I'm looking at it from a much different vantage point.

I'm here because I have a genuine interest and I think by listening to people I can understand more. I wouldn't have been here for over 2 years just to shoot other peoples ideas down. And I never attacked anyone. I've never done anything else other than try to come up with a true understanding of these things.

Either way, no offense taken. I suppose my posts are skeptical. It's my filter. For me, it's the only way to go about trying to learn anything truthful in this field. It's unfortunate that the field is full of dishonest or disturbed people, but the fact is, it is. And it is sometimes hard to distinguish between honesty and pure BS.

Anyway I won't bug you anymore. Sorry.:eek:


Skilled Investigator
Hmmm, I don't know what to say but it sounds like you would do well to take a trip to the Amazon and find a shaman somewhere. Seriously.

This may help you to relate to a huge chunk of the material that's being discussed in this forum. Hope this helps.

Jose Collado

Skilled Investigator
Hey jose,
Do your research. There are video's of actual potergeist events on the internet... I'm not going to do your research for you though.
And please research on things like this before you comment on them... thank-you.

Do my research? You assume I haven;t done any. Tsk tsk! Of course you won;t do my research for me. That's an excuse I've heard often in the paranormal circles.

Would it surprise you if I told you I had a vested interest in a paranormal scene for quite some time? I've rubbed shoulders with "investigators" and "researchers" on multiple continents. I've been fortunate to film in various locations that are impossible to get into unless you have a TV show...as we did.

So...yes, I've done my "research". Which is why I'm a skeptic of anything paranormal related. I'm guessing your assumption was based on your opinion based on my skepticism and calling people "debunkers" is a little insulting when I am yet to see anyone in this thread debunk anything. Well, apart from the author of the video.

You see, if you don't follow the protocols that qualify "proof" or "evidence" as such, then no one's going to take you seriously because they can't. Strange things happen all the time and people are often too quick to brand them "paranormal" and defend them to the bitter end.

All the years chasing shadows has taught me one thing. The paranormal scene seems to be more about politics, arguments, petty disputes, smoke and mirrors and a safety net of excuses. This video is just another fine example of why fewer people are taking this scene seriously.

And no, I'm not a debunker.


Skilled Investigator
Would it surprise you if I told you I had a vested interest in a paranormal scene for quite some time? I've rubbed shoulders with "investigators" and "researchers" on multiple continents. I've been fortunate to film in various locations that are impossible to get into unless you have a TV show...as we did.
My, my. Please accept my apologies, I had no idea how important you are.
Please, oh please! Can I have your autograph??:D

David Biedny

Paranormal Adept
Everyone kindly chill out.

There are things far weirder than shit flying around a room, that I've personally seen. Those videos are not particularly compelling, but that's not to say that this kind of stuff can't happen - it can and does.

As to why there's no good video evidence, guess what? There very well might be come laying around, except no one has seen it. Do you think that your desire to see some good visual evidence dictates that it must be delivered to your retinas, perhaps on a silver platter or cable modem? Does your sense of entitlement tell you that you DESERVE to see such evidence, because you WANT to? Do you seriously think that reality works like that?

And just because you haven't personally witnessed weird stuff, does that mean it can't exist? Have you personally seen a black hole up close? Have you touched the surface of the moon? Can you see an atom, a neutrino? At this point, I've had people tell me that I cannot possibly have seen a full-body apparition fucking dematerialize right in front of me. Oh yeah? Well, sorry, but I saw it with my own two eyes, as did my friend Bill.

And I'll tell you, the stuff that I've seen that I WILL NOT reveal, makes that look like child's play. You want to know why I won't disclose this stuff? Because I'm getting weary of the egotistical, abusive assholes who have the audacity to know my reality better than I. Who gives a shit what people believe, my experiences are mine, NO ONE can tell me that I've seen.

So enough already with the back and forth bullshit. Everyone take a fucking tranquilizer, get laid, go punch a squirrel.

This thread is locked. I've had enough of this horseshit.

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