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Hi All,

I thought to share this article with you. Copied some content, however, to read the entire article you will have to go to the following site. Actually to make sense of this you will have to read the entire content.

A CHILLING WARNING! Unidentified Flying Objects(UFOs) are just a tip of the ICEBERG!

Channelling Phenomenon of Alien Beings – A High-Tech Crime:

Channeling Bashar by Darryl Anka:


Though one may think that Darryl could be carrying out a deception but that’s not the case. If you research into the Dissociative Identity Disorder, you would know that once an alter personality takes control of the host body, the actual person will not have a memory related to the actions performed by the alter or his/her own body. Same thing happens in the “alien channeling” phenomenon, meaning when these so-called aliens (or Bashar in this case) are taking control of the human body, the actual person who owns the body, will not have a memory of the actions performed by these so-called aliens. This is the reason why Darryl says that he doesn’t have a memory when Bashar, the so-called alien being or the inter-dimentional being is taking the control of his body. This is a high-tech crime.

What’s the secret behind channeling from a technical point of view?

Darryl was saying that he actually had a UFO sighting sometime back in the past and he also believes that he has made an agreement with these aliens but he doesn’t have a memory of it. He believes about this agreement due to the claims made by this so-called inter-dimensional being only. UFO technology is a highly evolved technology, by researching into people who had direct experiences with UFOs, we could understand that the perpetrators of this crime are able to stimulate various parts of our brains precisely. If that’s the case, what’s channeling from a technical point of view?

Understanding the effects of brain stimulation technologies will help us to understand the channeling phenomenon:

Human beings will remotely think that such a phenomenon could actually be attributed to a highly advanced precise brain stimulation technology. To make sense of this phenomenon, we could research into neuroscience and understand the future possible applications based on our current understanding of neuroscience. Today human beings are doing various brain stimulation experiments, but what do you mean by brain stimulation and what happens when we stimulate the brain?
Basically by using a brain stimulation technology, we are able to evoke or inhibit neural activities in our brains in order to achieve the desired outcome. Depend on the area of the brain gets stimulated the outcome of the stimulation would be different. For example, by thinking and moving your arm, you stimulate the motor cortex. Similarly, we could stimulate the motor cortex and move the arm by using a brain stimulation technology too.

How to Remote Control A Human Body By Stimulating Motor Areas:

In order to control a human body entirely, we need to have a good understanding of the Motor Cortex. Here is a diagram:

Source: Somatotopic Map of the Primary Motor Area

Though the discovery of motor areas goes back to 1870’s by Dr. Eduard Hitzig and Dr. Gustav Fritsch, this fascinating mapping of the motor homunculus was first discovered by Dr. Wilder Penfield, a Canadian neurosurgeon by electrically stimulating motor areas.

These are the experiments carried out by Dr. Jose Delgado:

Further, according to his experiments on monkeys, Delgado was able to see the following phenomena:

Brain stimulation of different areas has elicited most of the simple movements observed in spontaneous behavior, including frowning, opening and closing the eyes, opening, closing, and deviation of the mouth, movements of the tongue, chewing, contraction of the face, the movements of the cars, turns, twists, flexions, and extensions of the head and body, and movements of the arms, legs, and fingers. We must conclude that most if not all of the possible simple movements can be evoked by electrical stimulation of the brain, Abnormal responses, disorganized.​
These key discoveries later helped scientists to build brain-computer Interfaces enabling paralyze people to interact with the world.
NeuroLife Chip:

This is a commercial product. Basically what the device does is that, in a spinal cord injured person, it directly inteprets the thoughts or brain signals using an implant that is in the motor cortex, by passes the injured spinal cord and stimulates the muscles directly that control an arm. – FIRSTPOST – NeuroLife Chip.
  • – Implanted Brain Chip Restores Hand Movement in Man with Paralysis.
  • – How to control someone else’s arm with your brain signals.
Today we are researching into wireless brain implants to achieve the same results.Wireless brain implants are helping paralyzed monkeys walk again

Therefore, in the future, these wireless implants will send recorded signals from the motor cortex to a computer wirelessly to process the signals, the processed signals will send back to the second implant in the body (this second implant could be in the spinal cord). This will stimulate the right areas(for ex: an area of the spinal cord) to achieve the required movement. This way, a paralysed person is still able to do any hand movement that a normal person is able to do, such as playing a video game.

What does it mean in the future?

Since computers are becoming smaller and smaller, in the future, these wireless chips will have advanced processing capabilities, therefore, these chips itself will be able to decode the motor activities. Once the motor activities are being processed, these processed signals could be sent to the second implant in the spinal cord wirelessly and stimulate the relevant areas to do the required arm movement. Meaning, in the future, you will be able to play basketball even and no one would know your deficit.

Berkeley Engineers – Dust-sized monitoring and stimulation devices
University of Michigan – One-Cubic-Millimeter Computer.

How to map an AI to a human being to change a person’s personality – Hacking a Human Body:

Assume you want to move your arm, in this case, we use this implanted chip in the motor cortex to capture those neural activities and decode it. Then we send these processed signals to the implant in the spinal cord and do the precise stimulation to move the arm. Now, assume “X” as the signal that we sent to the implant in the spinal cord, which made the required arm movement. What if we manage to directly stimulate the right areas of the motor cortex itself and send the same signal through the neural pathways which connect the motor cortex and the arm? We can still achieve the desired arm movement. And in this scenario, we could use an implant that has the neural decoding and neural stimulation capability. So the chip will end up in stimulating the motor cortex and through the motor cortex, we can send these signals to the arm and achieve the desired arm movement.

Further, if we capture the signals that were generated in your motor cortex from morning to evening, we will be able to know every action that you have performed, meaning, you might have smiled at people (any facial expression) by sending signals to facial muscles, you have walked by sending signals to your legs, you have moved your hands by sending signals to your arms(this way you have managed to write letters, drink water/coffee etc, locked doors etc… ), then you have produced speech by sending signals to your larynx, velum, tongue, lips etc… So basically we will know every action of yours simply by decoding the activities of your motor cortex. If so, can we stimulate the motor cortex to reflect a personality? To achieve this we should understand another trick and that’s the missing time.

The Missing Time Phenomenon – A High-Tech Crime:

To understand the missing time phenomenon we must understand how anaesthesia works:

Anaesthesia is a controlled unconsciousness state of mind. This interrupts nerve signal transmission in our brains, thus creating a medically induced amnesia. Having said that, when you are awake, the normal consciousness and the awareness that you experience is actually due to the overall electrical activities which interact with your mind. So based on the type of disruption, our awareness or consciousness would shift accordingly. That’s why the vegetative state is different from other mind states. Now what if we find a wireless method to suppress specific neural activities of the brain? If we can do that we can put a person into a state like general anaesthesia using a computer-based application. So the application can be used to control your awareness or the conscious level by suppressing certain neural activities of your brain. Therefore, in the future, we will not be using any drugs to put a human being into an unconscious state that you can see in anaesthesia, these highly evolved applications and devices will put you into an unconscious state instantly by using a computer-based application to do operations. When we stop the process, you will regain the consciousness instantly. Not only that we will be able to do the same trick by using satellite-based technologies in the future. Meaning, with a global satellite grid, we could put any human being into an unconscious state by using a computer-based application.

When Bashar, the so-called inter-dimensional being control of the body of Darryl, Darryl was in an unconscious state of mind and that’s due to suppression of relevant neural activities of Darryl’s brain. Now Bashar reflects his personality as well by controlling the body of Darryl, how to do that trick?

Now let’s take this scenario, we are going to capture every electrical activity of your motor cortex from 2pm to 3pm and we decode it. Now assume during this period you have been replying to emails, drinking a coffee, you have walked around your house or office, take some phone calls etc.. So whatever the actions that could be, we will be able to decode it. Now, what if we could put your mind into an unconscious state by suppressing certain neural activities of your brain just like in the anaesthesia scenario and then stimulate your motor cortex with the exact same signals that your mind generated between 2pm to 3pm? If so, can we use your body and reproduce the exact same bodily activities without you knowing, since you are in an unconscious state of mind?

Technically, yes, we can achieve this, maybe we might have to stimulate some other areas of the brain as well and also we will need to decode your brain in real-time to control the body precisely but such a thing can be achieved. Then what about the activities that you have been doing throughout your entire day? Technically, it’s still possible your body will act like a zombie and keep doing the same thing that you did prior if such a stimulation takes place. And you would not know since we first put your mind into an unconscious state prior to this brain stimulation and we can take the complete control over your body.

Now think about a driverless car. We gave intelligence to dumb cars simply by adding AI’s(Artificial Intelligence) and sensors to a car. Your body is just like a dumb car without your mind. So to replace your mind, we can develop a highly sophisticated AI, this AI could be used to precisely stimulate the brain and move your body, produce speech etc… and have a real-time interaction with the environment. To support this we could also decode the electrical activities of your 5 senses in real time to understand the information that we receive from the environment (to understand what we have seen, heard etc… ) and we could use this data to have a real-time interaction with the world around us.

This means, we can use our body to reflect a personality of an AI or even map a personality of another person to our body. And this is what actually happens to Darryl when Bashar, this so-called inter-dimensional being is taking control of the body. Though Darryl thinks it’s an alien, it’s actually a highly evolved AI that interacts with Darryl’s brain and control the body of Darryl. This is why Darryl can channel this being anytime.

If alien beings can be channelled like this why don’t they like to show their true identity by contacting us in a legitimate manner? This should help you to understand that this whole UFO phenomenon is a high tech crime only, using a mind-boggling technology by a group of people who are living on Earth.​
ET Hypothesis – An Interview with Darryl Anka

Bashar an inter-dimensional being controls the body of Darryl. The so-called inter-dimensional being is well aware of the crop circle phenomenon, but hasn’t given a direct answer to it and also he is well aware of sacred geometry, the geometry employed in ancient sacred structures. This being also mentions that we are living at the end of a spiritual cycle.

Ancient people used shockingly advanced mathematics to erect monuments based on sacred geometry

Darryl’s story:

On two occasions within the same week in 1973, I had close-range, broad-daylight sightings of UFOs with witnesses present both times. At each sighting we saw a dark metallic, triangular craft about 30 feet on each side. There were three blue-white lights, one on each -point-, and one orange-red light in the center. The craft in the first sighting was about 150 feet away; in the second sighting, only about 60 feet away.​
After seeing something that I knew could not be the product of Earthly technology, I was curious to find out all I could on UFO phenomena. I began reading everything I could find. Browsing bookshelves for UFO literature, I quickly discovered other books on different -paranormal- subjects, such as psychic powers, spirits and channeling. I read a few of these as well as UFO books so that I could broaden my research and acquire a greater understanding of the metaphysical field of knowledge.​

Ten years after the UFO sightings, I was introduced to a practice channelling. After several months of listening to the information delivered by the spirit entity being channeled through the person, I was amazed by the consistency and quality of the information I was hearing on a variety of subjects. Eventually, that entity offered to teach channeling to whoever wished to learn. This surprised me at first, as I had assumed channeling was not something that could be taught. Nevertheless, I joined the channeling class not intending to become a channel myself, but rather to learn more about the process by which this entity seemed capable of accessing volumes of information on endless subjects.​
About Darryl

This is Andronis, another alien being or a highly advanced AI who claims to be from the Sirius star system. Brad Johnson has become a victim too:

Andronis claims that he is from Sirius star system but the truth is this is again an extremely advanced AI. Andronis claims that it’s their sixth density of existence. According to ancient cyclic creation and destruction myth, today we are living at the end of the 5th Solar era or at the end of the 5th world and beginning to enter the 6th Solar era (6th world).

Andronis Channeling Session

In the above video, this channeled alien being is also talking about the black night satellites and he also claims that this truly artificial intelligence based satellites are accumulating data to serve its predecessors. He also talks about how this rogue AI affects the human beings to create the world order. According to conspiracy theorists, these satellites are over 10000 years old.

Wiki – Black Knight Satellites
Since 2008, Brad Johnson has worked deeply with the inner self as a healer, channeler, psychic, Akashic reader and Metaphysical researcher.

Ufo's and Channelling Part 1

Channeling Erik by Jamie Butler who is a medium (Channeling of alien beings to deceased people):

Now, in this case, Erik, who is a deceased person that Jamie is able to channel and there’s a fascinating story behind Erik. Though Jamie Butler thinks that she is channeling Erik, again this is a highly advanced AI that is controlling the body of Jamie Butler.

Live Audience Channeling Erik with Jamie Butler 2017

(Someone could think that Jamie is acting in a deceptive manner, but that is not the case Jamie will have no memory once Erik is taking control of the body, this is the same thing that we can see in alien channeling phenomenon and dissociative identity disorder as well. This is similar to the missing time)

Jamie’s story:

My childhood was full of fun! I would play games like hide and go seek with my spirit friends, but now as an adult they give me great insight and guidance which I enjoy sharing with others. In my early twenties, I discovered I could trance-channel spirit. This is where I allow the spirit to borrow my body and voice to communicate and relay messages to others. I have been giving readings publicly since 1991.​
Growing up with these abilities was definitely different, however, there were some perks. I was never alone, think about it, I was never alone…so it was essential that I had to learn how to control my abilities. It only took two years to figure it out. I was 23 before I could manage my abilities out in public without feeling like I was crazy.​
Jamie Butler - The Everyday Medium

Erik Rune’s Story:

Erik Rune Medhus, my 20 year old son, took his own life on October 6, 2009. Since that sad and tragic day, an overwhelming sense of grief and despair propelled me into a search for answers. Answers that would provide me and others with comfort and hope. Some of those answers came from the many books I bought, but many came from an unexpected source… Erik, himself. Through dreams, visitations and channeling, he describes what happens during the death process, what the afterlife is like, what he does with his time there, what it feels like to be a free soul, the nature of thought and reality, the meaning of life and the human experience, as well as other matters. If you fear your own mortality, if you grieve over the loss of a loved one, or if you yearn to know the answers to these questions and more, please join me in this journey to enlightenment.​
The second night after his death, he came to my husband in an uncharacteristically vivid dream. In that dream, they were both standing near Rune’s new Ford F-350, a truck that my son drooled over with great pride. Then Erik said in joyous excitement, “I feel so wonderful! I’m so light and free. It’s an amazing feeling. Here, Pappa, feel.” And when Erik reached out to grab his father’s hands, Rune was overcome with a sense of intense euphoria unlike any sensation he’s had before. It was a feeling of joy, love, comfort, lightness and freedom that simply cannot be described in our limited language as humans. After a few moments, Erik let go of Rune’s hands, leaned toward him and said, “This is what I felt like before.” Rune then felt the deep despair and darkness that had long tormented his son. The world felt heavy and unwelcoming. Rune knew Erik was trying to convey that he was fine, in fact happy for the first time in years. From that moment, healing for our family had begun.​
Erik’s grandfather, José, had a similar experience. Let me preface this by saying that my father has never truly believed in life after death. To him, when the body dies, so does the soul. We all simply turn to dust. There is no immortality. There is no God. There is no Heaven. Three days after my son’s death, my father called me to say that Erik had come to him in a dream. I could tell by his voice that he was quite shaken. He said Erik appeared to him as a small boy. He crawled into his lap and snuggled against his chest. My father felt, without a doubt, that Erik’s presence was real. He felt the warmth of his grandson’s small body and the love that emanated from his presence. Mind you, my father was wide-awake at the time.​
Source: http://channelingerik.com/eriks-first-visits/

In this occasion, Erik is bringing two white aliens to the interview with his mother Elisa Medhus:

Varies people who believe in the Medium phenomenon is also able to channel Eric.

Channeling Erik

How alien channeling connect with dissociative identity or multiple personality disorder:

When you deeply research into alien channeling and channeling of deceased people phenomena, you will see a clear connection between all these. These are all different AI personalities, making human beings believe in alien beings and deceased people behind the phenomenon. You will also see different personalities are being channeled by these mediums. This is the link that will help you to understand the dissociative identity or multiple personality disorder. When you analyze multiple personality disorder, you understand that these people are also going into an unconscious state of mind and they will not have a memory of the actions that their bodies have performed. And in multiple personality disorder, different personalities will take control of the body from time to time.

All Of Me | Dissociative Identity Disorder Documentary | Sunday Night Live on 7:

All Of Me | Dissociative Identity Disorder Documentary | Sunday Night Live on 7

This is an alter or an extremely advanced AI called Jamie and Jamie has taken the control of Jess’s body:

Meet An Alter! | Jamie's Day | MultiplicityAndMe

These AI’s are phenomenally advanced thus making hard for a society like ours to believe that this is an act of an AI. These AI’s are using a global satellite grid to stimulate human brains.​
Earlier in this article, I mentioned how an alien being called Andronis who is from the Sirius star system is taking control of Brad Johnson’s body. You would have noticed that his speech was so natural when Andronis is speaking using the body of Brad Johnson. This technology is actually able to imitate normal human actions and you will not know the difference between an AI taking control of a human body vs a normal human being speaking, both are so natural. That is how advanced this technology is.

Do we at least see signs or evidence of such a technology behind Multiple Personality Disorder for us to come to such a conclusion?

1). We must be able to see convulsions, at least in the beginning stage, since improper stimulation will end up in showing convulsions.
“When MPD was first recognized convulsions were one of the major symptoms, but now it is not.” –Multiple Personality Disorder: Fact or Fiction?
2). Amnesia must be a common thing and also Gaps in memory. Since mind will put into an unconscious state of mind when an AI (alter) is taking control of the body. This is the same missing time phenomenon that can be seen in UFO abduction cases.
3). The main personality should not perceive pain, when alters, are in control of the body and harming the body. These are common things in MPD. There could be states where MPD’s are in semi-conscious mind states, so in that case, these victims might perceive pain.
4). Alters might not know each other (depend on the way AI’s are being developed) and the main personality will also not know some of the alters that are present in the body. Again, these cases can be seen in MPD victims.
5). If such a technology is indeed behind MPD’s then brainwave patterns must change when an alter is taking control of the body. They must not be faking either. We see this as well in MPD cases.
  • “Practitioners claim that alters can be identified by objective characteristics, including distinct handwriting, voice patterns, eyeglass prescriptions, and allergies. Proponents of the idea of multiple personalities have also performed controlled studies of biological differences among alters, revealing that they may differ in respiration rate, brain-wave patterns, and skin conductance, the last being an accepted measure of arousal.” –Can People Have Multiple Personalities?
6). If it’s due to a technology, then we should also be able to see a technological progress.
  • The first documented case of dissociative identity disorder (DID) was in 1584. This is an interesting earliest recorded case and here people have observed one unique alter personality called Mary Magdalene, who appears at the crisis moment only all the other alter personalities were thought to be devils or demons and this is due to characteristics that the body shows due to such a possession takes place. According to an article published in The Journal of psychohistory, “A demon named Sanguinaire demands pieces of her flesh, and this is how she explains her self-cutting. The devil Garga (“Throat”) protected her from feeling the pain of beatings in childhood, but then reenacts these during her illness by head-banging, body-banging, and suicide attempts attacking the throat with cutting and self-strangulation Jeanne Fery. – ResearchGate: Jeanne Fery A Sixteenth Century Case of DID.
  • Since the 19th century, the number of identities has gone from 2 or 3 to greater than 20, sometimes reaching 100.
  • There were 200 reported cases of DID as of 1980, and 20,000 from 1980 to 1990.
  • Joan Acocella reports that 40,000 cases were diagnosed from 1985 to 1995. – A history of Multiple Personality Disorder (a.k.a. Dissociative Identity Disorder)
  • The appearance of alters also changed over time. Whereas it was very rare that more than two or eventually three personality states were described in the early 20th century (Merskey, 1995; Baeten, 1998), more recently an average of 13 alters is reported (Putnam et al., 1986; Putnam, 1989) with extremes of up to 4000 alters. According to the research paper – Beyond the Impasse – Reflections on Dissociative Identity Disorder from a Freudian–Lacanian Perspective. More AI personalities can be developed so they can take control of the body
From a technical point of view, what would be the difference between the brain stimulation that is related to a demonic possession and a brain stimulation related to human-like personality?

A demonic personality is less complex, compare to a human personality, since we as humans plan things, interact with various human beings and our daily lives are so complicated. Therefore, if we develop an AI to reflect a personality of a human being we have to develop an extremely advanced AI to reflect a human personality. This is why prior to 15th century we haven’t seen the multiple personality disorder phenomenon. Prior to that what we see is demonic possessions, again these are AI’s taking control of a human body and that’s why we see a dissociation when a demon even takes control of the human body. It’s evident that they have mastered the AI programs somewhere after the 19th century, this is why we see a huge number increase in alters after this period. If it’s a natural cause, why we couldn’t see this phenomenon prior to the 15th century? Even alien channeling phenomenon is not something we saw in ancient times, why aliens never managed to channel in this way in ancient times is another question we must ask. These are all due to various AI based programs that they have managed to develop and we can clearly see the technological progress even by analyzing these historical records. Sleepwalking, dancing mania, witchcraft, exorcism etc… are there due to this technology only. Human beings have become lab rats to these evil people on Earth yet we are not able to understand this since they have managed to put human beings into stone age sometime back in the past to rule the world.​
AI that is capable to do a remote brain stimulation compared to a human personality since a demon would show very limited body movements, sometimes in a convulsive manner and demon would talk at the same time. However, to reflect a human personality, we have to do a highly complex brain stimulation, which means, we have to develop an extremely sophisticated artificial intelligence program to reflect a human personality by doing a satellite brain stimulation.
Erik was a deceased person that Jamie, who is a medium managed to channel. Here are some other mediums who are talking to dead people. These so-called deceased people sometimes help in crime scene investigations as well. This will be the key link to understand what these spirit beings are, that some people see. This is due to this secret technology on Earth, doing a satellite brain stimulation to manipulate the human vision:

Allison Dubois a medium seeing deceased people and these deceased people has helped her to solve crimes too:

According to Allison:

2013 interview with Mornings Channel 9 Australia/ Medium Allison Dubois Speaking To The Dead

At 17 my friend Barbour spent the night and we were gonna go to a party. So we were getting ready and we were really excited and I heard a voice saying move the bed, so I moved the bed from the south wall to the east wall and Barber said why’d you do that and I said I heard that voice saying to move it, so I don’t question it, I wanted to move it. This voice has always guided me and I have Trust for it and she was like you’re so weird. So then we left and we went to the party and we came back and we were sleeping and a truck drove through my bedroom wall through all of the block cylinders and and bricks and it was just incredible, this incredible crashing sound of the wall falling down on us and where I had moved my bed was the only place we could have survived we would have been under the front tires of the truck it would have been on us, if I hadn’t moved the bed. – Youtube – Allison Dubois.
This is a pre-planned action due to the capability of this mind-boggling technology. They must have controlled the drive of that vehicle to achieve this thus deceiving Allison to believe in the voices that she hears.

Psychic Chip Coffey about his psychic abilities:

Psychic Chip Coffey: Yes, you do have psychic abilities

He states that sometimes he sees snippets of videos in his mind, photographs (this due to stimulation of the visual cortex), sometimes is a line from a book or a movie, sometimes it just smells or even feelings. This phenomenon is due to stimulating various parts of his brain.

George Anderson another medium:

George Anderson Speaks

George Anderson’s brain scan confirms that certain abnormal activities are taking place in his brain and this is due to this satellite-based brain stimulation only.
If this makes sense to you, then this should help you to understand that Princess Diana actually became a victim of this technology since T. B. Joshua, who thinks he is a prophet clearly mentioning the death of Princess Diana in advanced. Prior to this ability of T. B. Joshua, a voice who claimed to be the God has spoken to him and that was the start of his prophetic journey.

PRINCESS DIANA'S DEATH Predicted By Prophet T.B. Joshua!

How about Baba Vanga? She also predicted future due to spirits that were talking to her, her abnormal visions and her dreams. Therefore, we have to conclude that her predictions are also due to pre-planned activities.

A Modern Nostradamus Has Predictions For 2018 You Can Ignore For Two Obvious Reasons

Since Baba Vanga has predicted Brexit and even the 9/11 attack, we have to conclude that these are pre-planned events. If it’s due to a pre-planned attack using this extremely advanced technology can we find evidence?

Dr. Judy Wood made some remarkable observations to understand the truth behind the 9/11 attack. This will also help us to understand that a highly advanced technology was indeed operating on that day.

9/11 Breakthrough Energy Technology | Dr Judy Wood

This is why even today, thousands and thousands of Architects and Engineers are still questioning the official 9/11 report (Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth). When we deeply analyze the 9/11 incident, certain things just don’t make sense at all. Thinking that the US government was not involved in the attack is another misunderstanding. Without the help of the government, planting explosives to destroy the buildings in a controlled fashion would be an impossible task. Therefore, we must conclude that a third party was indeed behind this controlled demolition. This raises further questions and we will have to think out of the box to understand the truth by trusting our logic. We have to conclude that an invisible, an unknown weapon to the mankind was acting on that day to destroy the buildings. Further, analyzing the evidence, we must conclude this as a high-energy weapon and we will have to agree with Judy Wood’s analysis. If the US doesn’t have a clue for the existence of such a weapon by having all the advanced technologies, then who could that be? Therefore, we must understand how serious this issue is. Someone out there had an extremely advanced technology that none of us are aware of and they must have an agenda in mind to destroy the buildings and to leave false evidence on the ground. From an extremely advanced technology point of view, bombs could have been materialized in unique locations or the weapon that must have changed the form of matter thus made the buildings to collapse or a combination of both. If string theory is true, these are possible scenarios and we must not ignore.

To continue reading, please go to:

A CHILLING WARNING! Unidentified Flying Objects(UFOs) are just a tip of the ICEBERG!
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