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The Ship Of The Dead the Dutch Freighter SS Ourang Medan

Andrew Hochheimer

Paranormal Novice
I started to write some on other Naval Legends today and started on the 75+ Year old story of the "SS Ourang Medan." This is just in is 2nd day of editing and research so I would say there is much to be improved, never the less an interesting story.. Some of which comes to us form Morris K. Jessup, and The Varo Edition of "The Case for the UFO." of The Philadelphia Experiment Story. Hope you find it interesting.

In 1947 the Dutch Freighter SS Ourang Medan sent a cryptic SOS in Morse code;
“All Officers, including the Captain, are dead. Lying in chartroom and bridge. Possibly whole crew dead.
This communication was followed by a burst of indecipherable Morse code,
then a final, grim message: “I die.”​

The Death Ship The Dutch Freighter SS Ourang