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The Rendlesham Forest UFO Case - Another Perspective


Paranormal Adept
Interesting piece Kieran. Long but a good read nonetheless.
Nice one ya its long, but an interesting read indeed.

Dozens of military witnesses saw those objects in the sky moving about, and none of the witnesses as for as i know has ever been caught lying. The location were this all happened at allegedly and the people involved should really wake people up the fact there something is going on here.

However, i am aware the binary code stuff that came out recently in 2010, has put off lot of people who were previously interested with this UFO encounter.. I'm still open to the binary codes been real and here is why and i have discussed it before.

The binary code for me can only be two things an implanted memory or an actual message from beings. Were these beings came from i don't know, but they are intelligent in the sense of being able to create technology. The problem i see it is/ Jim Penniston only told everyone he had these codes in his notebook in 2010 and that is why lot of people are annoyed now and disbelieve him. Some don't buy the fact binary code would be sent as a message. Personally i don't get that argument.

But there is something at its a fact a true fact, can't be denied.

He only retired from the American Airforce in 1994 . I'm pretty sure he was not known by the public before the 1994, by name at least.. In 1994 he reveals he got a binary light communication from the ship when he touched it in the forest.

I know their is length of years in between 1994 and 2010 people not hearing about him writing down codes in his notebook. And that's a legitimate issue. But if he recieved a communication from the ship that landed in the forest and he says it was a communication. Doesn't that mean what i think it means?