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The Paracast Comes to Earth with Stanton Friedman

Gene Steinberg

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As you know, we're moving The Paracast to Sunday nights, effective September 10th, and the show will also be heard on KLAV-AM 1230 in Las Vegas. And, as before, you'll be able to catch the latest episode and older shows right from our site.

Our guest Sunday evening will be world-famous nuclear physicist and UFO expert Stanton T. Friedman. During this episode, he'll be asked some hard questions about where UFOs might come from, and why there's so much dissension surrounding the subject.

This is an episode you won't want to miss.


He gonna be back on already? He's my favorite researcher. But once you've heard only a few interviews, you've heard them all unfortunately. He says the same things on every show just about. Part of the reason is the same questions get asked.

People that haven't heard him before (very rare) might learn about Zeti Reticuli, which is good. He thinks some ETs are from there etc. The star map from Betty and Barney Hill is interesting. Maybe ask him about what he thinks about Carl Sagan's take on the map. I heard Stan talk about Carl misrepresenting the map on a Cosmos show. I have a video where Stan mentions it, called UFO Controversy. I got it from him. I have seen all of the Cosmos episodes except the one a Mars I think. I never heard it mentioned.

I've always wondered why the ET asked Betty if she knows where she is on the map... Wouldn't the ET be able to show her? After all, he traveled there. Most abduction cases don't show ETs to be wise craking aliens, so I'm not real keen on the jokester interpretation. But who knows.

Here's a really great page dealing with the star map.


I don't think it was meant as a wise-crack. I think if you've had very young children and you ask them an adult question you know your not gonna get an answer.

Like showing a child a city map and saying do you know where you are? Of course they are not going to know. You would then point it out to them. Would they understand what you are showing them? Probably not,

I think its quite possible that our species on earth is viewed as very young fragile children. This is why I believe they are not landing on the White House Lawn, and quite frankly I'm glad.

How would the religious community react? By calling them Devils, and violence at an attempt to hurt them.

I don't need the Govt to validate my belief system in regards to ET's. I just want them to cut my damn taxes