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The New U.S. Government UFO Agency


Skilled Investigator
Although this is clearly well intentioned, I can't help but feel they're looking for answers in the wrong place.

The DoD has finally acknowledged UFOs represent a genuine phenomenon. However, thousands of people across the US have been seeing UFOs since at least the 1940s. Many of these witnesses have advised 'government men' told them to keep quiet about what they'd seen and/or confiscated evidence of their UFO encounter. Some have even suggested physical evidence of UFOs/aliens are in the government's possession. Others have told of UFO encounters within the confines of some of America's most sensitive nuclear facilities, including occasions where nuclear missiles became inoperable. It is naive to think the government only started to take UFOs seriously in 2012 when Harry Reid found the funding for AATIP etc. Sections of the government have been taking UFOs seriously for a very, very long time....and covering up what they know about it for decades.

If you ask me, the best place to start looking for answers is internally within government. It won't be easy, but there are people out there who have some of the answers (but certainly not all).
Finding them, and getting them to talk (and possibly break non-disclosure agreements/security oaths) is a far better way to approach this than to re-hash Project Blue Book.

Richard Hawkins

Paranormal Maven