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The Moon and its true history


Paranormal Novice
"The moon is inhabited on the inside by about 200 men. There is a man-made covering around the moon which is several kilometers deep in order to protect the inhabitants from meteoric bombardment. It was guided to its present position about ten thousand years ago.

The moon is a small planet which has been enlarged and built upon by people originating from Yolland Allicay. They built a spaceship and travelled to this small planet which was orbiting another planet in the region of Yolland Allicay. A protective shield, approximately seven kilometres deep, was built around the planet, fully encasing it. The casing consisted largely of titanium and took many generations of people to build. Their supplies came partly from this new planet and partly from Yolland Allicay, the inhabitants of which were very highly developed in their technology and, by applying their skills in this field, discovered that there were other inhabited planets.

The moon-men are tall and very pale-faced. As they live right inside the moon, they are constantly in artificial light. Their eyes take on a pinkish hue because of their unnatural lighting conditions. Their spaceships are kept inside the moon. The moon-men are not at all hostile but can defend themselves with formidable force should they be provoked FIRST.

The script that follows was written, posthumously, by the eminent engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel, well known on Earth in the nineteenth century. He obtained the information after studying the Akashic Record.

"I, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, am writing this through Alan Valiant. On being asked to examine the Akashic Record in order to discover exactly how the moon was put into its present orbit around the Earth, I went to the Hall of Memories and studied the Record.

I discovered that, about ten thousand years ago, the moon was not circling the Earth. Then, on further investigation I traced the moon back to when it was in another galaxy.

The moon originated in the vicinity of Yolland Allicay and was taken over by space travellers from Allicay. The moon was, then, a slightly smaller planet but it was unoccupied by any form of life. The Allicayans were able to survive after creating an atmosphere around the planet that they could breathe. This was done by a gas-generating process which produced an oxygen-rich atmosphere.

As they had a very advanced technology and had been using spaceships for thousands of years, the Allicayans knew that the planet Earth existed and decided to investigate it. They agree to put their new-found planet in orbit around the Earth and use it as a space station, for which purpose it has been used ever since.

With material existing on the embryo moon and with enormous quantities of titanium flown in from Allicay, a shield, about seven kilometers thick, was built around the entire surface of the planet. This work was facilitated by the relatively low gravitational pull of the moon but was, nevertheless, an enormous task and took approximately two thousand years to complete.

The shield was for two purposes. The first was to protect the population from meteoric bombardment which, it was known, would occur during the journey through space to Earth. The other was so as to provide living space in the moon capable of holding an artificially created, breathable atmosphere.

The spaceships are powered by a system yet unknown to earthmen. The same techniques of harnessing enormous power have been in use for millions of years. Expressed very basically, there is a matrix of invisible lines of power that pervade space throughout the entire universe. By the utilization of a highly technical method, the power control apparatus in the spacecraft resolves the lines of power into a rapid succession of three-dimensional coordinates. After further processing, this information is fed to the leading and trailing surfaces of the craft in such a form that it produces a differential of space potential that induces thrust.

In a similar manner to the creation of lift on the wing of an aeroplane, that is by differential pressure, the spacecraft develops the equivalent of a low pressure ahead and a higher pressure aft and this propels it. All major celestial bodies are held in their relative positions in space by gravitational forces which are invisible, but nevertheless effective, and the lines of power are coincident with and analogous with these forces.

Once freed from the gravitational effects of its parent planet, the small satellite needed virtually no power to keep it moving. The journey lasted only about two Earth years. This may seem absolutely unbelievable to Earth scientists but the fact is that the moon and the spaceships were able to travel faster than the speed of light. Contrary to popular, present-day belief, physical matter can travel faster than light and the Allicayans knew the secrets of such travel.

Using tremendous skill, they brought the moon near to the Earth and gradually eased it into orbit around the Earth. The moon’s present orbit is very nearly circular and could not have occurred naturally. After having put their space base into its proper orbit, they corrected its tendency to spin because they wanted to operate from the side never seen from Earth.

These people were very far-sighted and knew that one day Earth men would reach the moon. The descendants of the original pioneer Allicayans are still occupying the moon which has been continuously manned since its first appearance in the sky above Earth.

Scientists and engineers on Earth still have a great deal to learn about space travel. However, some people on Earth are already aware of the existence of the men in the moon, but as usual, they fear them. They are not to be feared. They are highly intelligent and have no wish to harm people. They would always come off best in any attempt to harm them, though. They can use their mental abilities to the full and are quite capable of incapacitating earth people by a thought process, rendering the use of weapons unnecessary.

UFOs are with you and have been for thousands of years. If they had wished, the occupants could have taken over Earth several millennia ago. It is up to incarnate man to accept that he is not the only human creature in the Universe. He has his counterparts who look almost exactly like Earth men, scattered among the other inhabited planets. Not until this fact is accepted will man lose his morbid fear of being attacked by a superior, exterior force.


This is Alan Valiant’s soulmate, Tena, writing through him about the men in the moon. I have just been to the moon in my spiritual form and have watched the inhabitants for some time. I saw men in silver uniforms, wearing space helmets, leaving a spaceship in which they had just arrived.

The ship was flown down into an enormous hole on the far side of the moon from Earth. Then, the occupants came out of the spaceship and entered a compartment in which they were pressurized to the normal pressure inside their living area. They breathe air and have created an artificial environment which includes simulated sunlight.

As I watched, the men walked into another room and boarded a kind of train. This carried them some long distance inside the moon until they came to a brightly illuminated hall. On leaving the train, they undressed and put on clean overalls, packing their space suits into boxes already provided.

Then the men, four in number, went to a room and had some food. They were talking about their recent journey in a language not known on Earth. I could understand them because I have no language difficulties as a spiritual being.

They were discussing their visit to Earth which had just been completed. Apparently, they were ordered to proceed to South America to a place in the Andes, there to meet one of their own men who had been left there to study conditions. They had brought him back and he was the fourth man.

There are about two hundred men inside the moon and they have approximately twenty-five spaceships in operation. Some were in maintenance areas deep in the bowels of the moon and others were at readiness in the great entrance hole.

There are no women or children inside the moon. The men work to a rota system and are sent from another planet to serve so many months, or perhaps years, on the moon after which they return to their own planet.

There are large laboratories and briefing and de-briefing rooms in the sub-lunar environment. Engineering workshops are fully manned and are busy turning out replacement components for the spaceships.

The moon men do not intend to harm Earth people and have no weapons I could see. They are endowed with a very, very high intelligence and are far superior to Earth men in every way. They dare not declare themselves because the Earth people would only fear them and attempt to exterminate them."

Taken from A Course In Spiritual Philosophy by Amanda Valiant
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Paranormal Adept
Alan Valiant - Supreme Spiritual Master

Alan Valiant is a clairvoyant medium, author and independent psychic researcher, unaffiliated with any religious organization. Having had a strong interest in the spiritual existence since an out of body experience in his thirties, a turning point came when he met his future wife Amanda, who shared his deep interest in all matters spiritual. When they began making contact with the spiritual world it soon transpired that they were in communication with the Spiritual Hierarchy, effectively the government of the universe. It also transpired that Amanda was highly advanced spiritually and herself a member of the Hierarchy. Amanda had been incarnated for a special spiritual purpose but her intended karma had been ruined by suppressive people.

As they continued communication, they were in time contacted by God, Jesus Christ, and other highly spiritual beings, then given the truth regarding the spiritual existence which they were able to receive due to their open minds, free of religious beliefs. Together they formed the College of Alithology (meaning study of truth) where they taught students this invaluable information, also contained in the books. Since Amanda’s passing in 1988 Alan has continued his work for the Spiritual Hierarchy, and eventually, as reward for over thirty years devoted duty and service to both the Hierarchy and mankind, was first awarded the accolade of Ascended Spiritual Master and has now been promoted to Supreme Spiritual Master.

Supreme spiritual master in the government of the universe.

Calling Flash Gordon... Come in Flash.

Gene Steinberg

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And does anyone remember the Ming theme from the original Flash Gordon and its slight resemblance to the Dark Vader theme in Star Wars?

And the actor who played Ming, Charles Middleton, also played Lincoln at one time.

Zaphod Beeblebrox

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Man, I don't recall seeing any of those guys at any of the meetings.

Hey, anybody got some cheetos or maybe some nacho doritos?


Paranormal Adept
I think the nail in Alan's coffin is this one.

There have been numerous sightings of my space ship in recent times and one person described
it as like a Mexican hat which it does somewhat resemble. A photograph taken by George
Adamski in 1952 is of my craft.
He somehow got the impression that I was a Venetian which, of
course, was not so. Human life on that planet is impossible
Download ebook for My Meetings with the Lord God by Alan Valiant

Bad UFOs: Skepticism, UFOs, and The Universe: George Adamski's Saucers are Still Flying High!


"Oh! What a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive".
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Gene Steinberg

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To think all this might fuel a revival in lamp technology. Or they can sell genuine Adamski flying saucer models for you to make your own fake photos and videos.