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The History of the Metamaterials TTSA is Having Tested by the US Army


J. Randall Murphy
Linda Moulton Howe provides a very detailed account of the metamaterials some suspect are of alien origin ...
Unfortunately there's no way to verify any of the backstory, which is pure hearsay. The materials might be something to look at, but there's no way to verify the chain of custody. The history of metamaterials goes back to the late 1800s. I also hear denial of the skeptic's suggestions rather than explanations as to why they they could not in theory have been used. I've also heard conflicting stories about the sample. Besides that, a small sample of some material from an unverifiable source does nothing to confirm the existence of alien technology, let alone neutralize gravity. More likely something like: Metamaterials Not From Earth

The Same Interview With Pictures.
This looks like a good interview and have a open mind on this subject. Just look at ongoing hunt for meteors fragments which fetch a healthy sum. Imagine if you found one with unkown material and hidden chemical substance that could remove the need for fossil fuel ? Remember a scientist whose father was working on the anti-gravity project (he had above to clearence and worked for a number of US Corprations in 1950 and 1960s ) he said they had reached higher levels and there's was out projects of this world. Did I believe him yes and no . So anything is possible.

Hollywood Tomfortas

Paranormal Adept
@USI Calgary Randall, it looks like TTSA has some competition. I saw this public posting on Facebook by Colin Andrews and was surprised to find out that he has been the keeper of the Sacred Relics, er, Metamaterials that look like they are not part of "Art's Parts." Hopefully you can see the photos that Colin has made of these relics. He has teamed up with physicist Kevin Knuth who, in turn, is part of a non-TTSA venture into UAPs and metamaterials.

I guess the question is: what is the Roswell provenance of these sacred objects?

Here is the podcast and summary of Kevin Knuth on the U of Albany server

Now you may recall the TTSA-converted believer and Silicon Valley wunderkind Deep Prasad? This venture looks like a civilian version of TTSA's military juggernaut. What's new to me is learning that Colin Andrews is the Guardian of the Sacred Relics. Previously I had only known him from his crop circle fame.

Knuth is preparing to lead a team of scientists to track unknown aerial phenomenon (UAPs) off the coast of California.

He is pairing up with Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and venture capitalists including Deep Prasad, CEO of the quantum computing company ReactiveQ, and Rizwan Virk, executive director of the startup accelerator PlayLabs@MIT, for the project.

Read more on Knuth’s work.

Knuth is also a member of the Scientific Coalition for Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena Studies (SCU), a research organization comprising scientists, former military officers and law enforcement personnel. The group issued a letter to several members of Congress this week containing a series of recommendations for the advancement of UAP research and the public dissemination of the data.

Hollywood Tomfortas

Paranormal Adept
Randall, it is this interview of Lee Speigel by Alejandro Rojas from about a year ago that implies the competition between the Knuth/SCU group and TTSA. Note that Alejandro Rojas is the PR officer for the SCUAPS mentioned above.

Lee Speigel: The number one story, may be, for me…what’s still floating around is the idea that there’s a lot of competition out there now among UFO researchers and scientists over the analysis of alleged fragments or pieces from UFOs. This is a very big story. And even I, recently, had a unique opportunity to see and to hold some reportedly real UFO material that’s being analyzed now by scientists that aren’t yet ready to go public with their amazing findings. But they will. And I can say…I can say that with total certainty because I was there, in their laboratory. And on that particular note, I’ll kind of leave it at, more to come.

But it’s going to be amazing when they do release their information and their findings. And they’re going to release it to everybody. They’re not gonna hold back. They’re not gonna ask for money. They’re gonna release it to science and say, ‘Here’s what we’ve come up with. We can conclude very definitely that some of these fragments were not naturally formed and that they were manufactured by someone. And we sure would like to know who did the manufacturing and for what purpose.’ So that’s gonna be amazing when that finally happens.”

Alejandro Rojas: “Now, is this analysis related at all or being looked at by’ To The Stars Academy’? So, Tom DeLonge’s group and the group that says they’re doing all this analysis.”

LS: “No. These are separate individuals who have nothing to do with Tom DeLonge or the ‘To The Stars.’ And basically, I am a witness to the fact that they can – see, without giving it away too much – they will be able to conclude that some of these fragments are not from Earth. Because…”

Martin Willis: “This has nothing to do with Bigelow?”

LS: “Uhh, no. Nothing to do (laughs). No, not even with Robert Bigelow.”

AR: “That’s extraordinary to hear that…first of all, you know, ‘To The Stars’ is doing this work and potentially might have something. And now you have another lead on another source.”
Listen to US Lt Col Randle (rtd) podcast last week good show and brought up some excellent points . Paracast Show did a excellent interview on US Lt Lawson which have to agree on the same page while keeping some details up my sleeve on Roswell Crashes never been released and not online either. The metermaterial is just that it's not a crashed flying saucers. Roswell Case is key to a element and Lazar was correct in some of his observations. It's like the JFK historical event you have film producers suggest it's all the Repubilicans when in reality it was the US Democratoc Party finger prints allover. Roswell Case has to be observed in similar fashion . Remember US Gen. Mc Aurthur speech and many have jumped to the conclusion it was Japanese or secret technology or event the Nazis all wrong. Like said three eyewitness who were at the crash site and all agreed not human.