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The ghosts of flight 401

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Paranormal Adept
I'm not normally all that drawn to ghost stories. But I swerved into an interesting one while watching a Netflix documentary about the well researched crash of a Lockheed L-1011 Tristar near Miami in 1972. Events leading up to the crash are apparently well understood, pointing primarily to a minor technical failure compounded by pilot error. The plane impacted in the everglades in such a way that about one third of those on board survived and many large components of the jet were in good enough condition to be re-fitted onto other Tristars for further service.

The quirky part: Crew and passengers of other Lockheed Tristars, especially those fitted with salvaged parts, began seeing very solid looking ghosts of deceased crew members of flight 401. This supposedly became such a problem that all salvaged parts were eventually removed !

This is a classic, written up in a book by John G. Fuller and also made into a movie.

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Skilled Investigator
That one is an Oldie Goldie. Didn't know anyone still remembered it. Many scary stories were told on overnight flights when stewardesses gathered in the galley.