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The Danville Va. Wildman By: Posey Gilbert

If not Bigfoot then what?

  • Have you ever seen one of the Stick Igloos?

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  • Any one else see it with you?

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  • Did you report it?

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J. Randall Murphy
Well it's 2020 many years since that experience back in the he summer of 1958.
I am much older and hope wiser now at the age of 68 going on 69.
My life experiences have continued to become more bizzare and curious, and seems to show no sign of slowing down in as much as it is turning around.
I know am preparing to leave my beloved city New York and move to the foot hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains back into the stomping ground of the Wild Man of Virinia.
A thought I do not relish now that I am a double amputee.
My sister Theresa is preparing to go back home as she calls Virginia.
Not me though I am a damned Yankee to the bone born and raised in the streets of the Bronx and Brooklyn New York with a server allergy to being earthen alive by big hairy monsters.
Ah well such is life, or maybe it is better to say such has been my life.
Well anyway I will keep you guys posted.
Hey Posey. Welcome back and thanks for the update! Sorry to hear about your health situation, but glad to see that you continue to grow wiser and find value in your experiences.

Posey Lee Gilbert

Paranormal Novice
Thank you.
I am glad to be back and I hope to share more of my experiences old and new with my friends there at Paracast.

Posey Gilbert

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