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THE C.oT. LINE, notes on exoantrophology

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Paranormal Novice
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Yes i know, talking about anthropology when you are talking about extraterrestrial civilizations is blatantly a inexact term, but don´having other at all to talk about this things i will use it, cause is quite understandable.

We talked on past post and talks about how we, the humankind, are at the verge of a great inflection point, so great that is a point of inflection over his own nature.

Till the arrive to this point one of the main elements of configuration on human cultures has been the interaction between very small groups of psychopaths in leader roles and the wider groups of human that trend to support them in the hope of obtaining some benefit from it.

This well know dynamic could been abruptly finished, sooner than we think,cause to the innovations on biology and genetics that will allow to generate the first generations of humans that would be free of that psychopathy traits.

This far of being an anecdotal change like any other technological development it isn´t at all. Cause that small change leads to a complete reconfiguration on human cultures.

We could see as the human civilizations that will emerge from each one of the sides of this line of this frontier as extremely different and in few decades or generations it will seem to us completely extreme.

So well, this process that will happen to us soon, can and have hapenned yet to other non human civilizations out of the earth with a complete different biological configuration and background.

It could be found ones that will remain still on the psychopathic side of the cultures while others have will crossed that line and would be able to jump over that limitation. It will not be a black and white matter, but by sure it will be a inflection point without discussion. The civilizations that did opt by jump over the mental fence of the psychopathy will recognize ones to anothers and at the same time will see the other civilizations as a treat.

Quite probably the main trend between that “Psychopathy Free”civilizations (PF) will be to trend to avoid any contact at all with the “With Psychopathy” ones, but to multiply and increase the interactions with other PFs.

The WPs civilizations will do not trust any other kind of civilizations will be they both WPs or

Pfs, dont matter. Making they more prone to get isolated. With the pass of the millennia the technological gap between PFs and WPs will start to grow bigger, becoming the PFs far more primitive.

So well, that have implications on Exobiology and in the search for extraterrestrial life.

It is very probable that till our civilization hasnt been capable of jumping out of the WFs fence NO ONE of the advanced WPs Civilizations would have any desire of contacting us, as they will see us as a danger for them, but ONCE CROSSED that line, that biological change,it will become far more easy for us to get in contact with that kind of groups of PFs civilizations.

Hope that it have find this a interesting thought, and would like to know your opinion on this matter. :D