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Tatoo You Too. An Unkindness

Moshi Dayan

Skilled Investigator
I find this absolutely reprehensible, bad, nasty, and not good, regardless of any "artistic" merit (and I use artistic quite loosley in this instance) this practise may have , it is stupid as well as evil.
What got my panties in such a knot?
Well just go see.


The amazing work of whatever creator or creative muse designed tropical fish cannot be topped by people who do this.
Remember when you were little and your Mom and Dad gave you a green bunny, or a blue chick for Easter?
Remember how they always died?
The bunny or the chick...not Mom and Dad.
I see this as more of the same.
But then....plenty more where they came from.


Skilled Investigator
Moshi Dayan said:
Remember when you were little and your Mom and Dad gave ou a green bunny, or a blue chick for Easter?
Remember how they always died?
I actually got a ducking. I raised him to adulthood and then he went to my friend's pond to live with other mature ducks. Last I heard some years ago his grandchildren were waddling around. I havent thought about him in a year or more...

anyway, yeah I dont dig doin that to fish. People will never cease to try and make a buck off some hairbrained stuff.

Aaron LeClair

Paranormal Maven
Uh, ok. So, what is this about before I click on it? Animal cruelty? I don't care to watch.

Why animal abuse would be posted here (if so, dunno yet) would be a mystery in and of itself I guess.

Moshi Dayan

Skilled Investigator
I'm happy for you that your duck survived and prospered.
I believe there is a special place in the hearts of the small circle of the Gods for those who treat other species with respect, and yes, love.
I have always considered other creatures as equally valid individuals, as entitled to life as we humans.
As you can tell, I'm don't discriminate just because somebody isn't human.
I will kill anything which thinks I or my grandchildren are lunch, I protect those I can.
I do not kill animals, fish, or fowl for food or sport.
I do eat meat.
The animal has already been slaughtered, it would be an offense against it's spirit to waste it's flesh, so I incorporate it's body into mine, and I'm always thankful and thoughtful of the individual.
I greet the birds which come here to share my retreat...I've learned to hear their names which they speak when coming in to rest or roost...listen to the rapid "speech" of birds, you'll find subtle differences, once your ears are atuned (forgive me for the assumption that they are not)you will learn the names of individuals. they respond joyously when greeted by name. I've built homes here for the Purple Martins, the Bluebirds, and the sparrow, I marvel at the ability of the woodpecker to repeatedly slam it's beak into hardwoods, and not jelly it's brain. I feed the Hummingbirds, and rescue them from the webs of the large yellow and black spiders, who were after mosquitos and moths, not birds. I build bat houses which house a healthy population, I have some very large snakes as neighbors here, they do not hide because they know I will not harm them, since they can be seen they are no danger, except the copperhead which refuses to accept humans on "thier" territories, but I rarely see one since the very old spotted kingsnake (well over nine feet in length) who lives here considers them delacacies. The friendly squirrels here will stand attop a fencepost and warn of any danger invading our peaceful baileywick, they chatter and jerk their tails while facing directly toward the danger...I learned to understand when they speak to me to draw my attention to an invading chickensnake, or weasle (who comes not only to feed but to murder my birds for the joy of killing, when it has no hunger) when they come for the very fat mice on my chicken yards and walks...the mice consider me a friend since I supply such tasty grains...they are welcome...they don't eat much, and do not care to invade my house since they have their own.
I build homes for the Elder Races..the good nieghbors, or fairyfolk as some call them.
I'd never move a huge stone (there are many here) for care of those our grandparents knew existed, but are called myths now.
Some of the oldest outcroppings of stone on the planet are here, as are many caves, most unexplored.
I believe others inhabit these places, and I try to make them comfortable with my presence.
I bought this property, but one cannot own the earth, the earth owns us, and if respected, she will smile on us.
Yes I've mellowed with age, but my heart was always open to friendships and I've never much worried about if my friends were human or other types of folk.
I was sent to be a warrior in that time of my life.
The government gave me a very nice aircraft to play in the skies with, I rarely killed except to protect my brothers in arms, when I sent other men to the loving arms of their Gods I was not imune to sorrow, sometimes I found I could outrun the sorrow of being a destroyer on the thrust of my afterburners and the python-like embrace of my zoomie suit (they have to pressurise our bodies so we don't pass out during snap rolls and turns which threaten to rip the wings from the airframe). I once played "catch me if you can" with a Mig, but it was a game, neither of us fired on the other, and before we parted we turned the noses of our craft to the heavens and pushed till we were risking flame out, breaking off when it seemed certain we had dared the fates who took Icarus, then passing with wagging wings, and returning to our respective bases (I was a member of the "Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club") knowing we had found a kinship in the love of flight, in the midst of war.
Perhaps we'd one day meet as warriors, but I know I never splashed his bird, he had a small picture of Ganeesh near his cockpit...I would have known him, and if duty demanded it I would have sent him to the loving arms of the God of kindness which he took as the name of his bird...I flew with Shiva and laughing skulls...laughing death...but sometimes the laugh was only to keep from crying.
I hope to never have another enemy except for evils which visit sorrows on the innocent, against which I will always be a deadly foe.
I greet every spirit in the openess and gentle manner which is my true self, but I am no fool, Shiva still can awaken to bring needed defense, and the regret which is resultant when there was no path of peace. Sympathy for vanquished agressor is the opiate I send her to her couch of sleep with.
I hope one day to meet the reaper as a friend, I'll take his hand without regret. I have lived a rich full life, I can barely wait to see what's next.
I'm sorry I went to verbose mode...I recognised a spirit of friendship in you. We may disagree at times, but it is good that you are here.
Thank you.
A.Leclair, the agony phase is not on exhibit.
I posted the link only to inform, not promote any unkindness to any creature.
I enjoy your posts, we seem to be of differing opinion sometimes.
I look forward to the occasional verbal skirmish when they come naturaly, you would make an interesting opponant in debate.
I've found your offerings here to be quite refreshing, and you have that rare talent of unleashing barbs brightly feathered.
Argument is no fun at all against an unworthy taker, but a true joy when engaged as sport.
Know that I count you among my friends and benefactors here, were more of us as prolific in posting one might be challenged to pay due respect and read all.
BTW, I love you'r avatar...suits your online personality well my friend.


Skilled Investigator
The bad treatment of animals demeans the human spirit in my humble opinion. What does it take to be kind?

I hate the term "wild" animal. They are "free" not "wild", stupid humans lol.

Aaron LeClair

Paranormal Maven
Ok, I finally decided to click on the link and briefly watch a few seconds of the vid to see if I can get some idea what this is all about. Tatooing a fish I guess.

I can't watch animal cruelty vids, that is why I asked what the vid was about.

I have realized that this forum isn't general paranormal like I thought. I mis understood the topic of this forum all this time. That is why I was confused as to why animal cruelty would be posted here.


Skilled Investigator
That's nothing. Not only do all of my fish have tatoos but they also all have piercings and a few of them are branded.

I'm kidding of course. The idea of tattooing fish is ridiculous. It's amazing what people will do to animals in hopes of making some money. I like how at the end of the article the pet store owner says that tattooing fish is a good thing since it gets children into the hobby. It's a classic ends justifying the means story. "Hey, it's making me money and kids love it! What could be wrong about it?" I guarantee you that if you ask a kid if it is ok to hold a fish down and cause it pain and suffering by tattooing it against it's will the child will say no, it's not ok. Time and money eventually warp everyones mind. Oh to be an innocent child again...

David Biedny

Paranormal Adept
This has got to be the oddest post yet on our forums.

It's completely messed up and cruel, and this is coming from a lifelong tattoo fan and enthusiast.

MD, why did you feel compelled to post it?


Aaron LeClair

Paranormal Maven
David Biedny said:
This has got to be the oddest post yet on our forums.

It's completely messed up and cruel, and this is coming from a lifelong tattoo fan and enthusiast.

MD, why did you feel compelled to post it?


Speaking of weird threads. Glad to see someone got rid of the computer sells guy's spam.

Moshi Dayan

Skilled Investigator
Hello David:

The post was made simply to demonstrate the inhumanity of man.
If we treat creatures under our control at this level of cruelty,
We'd better hope that when REAL aliens show up they decide we make good pets....unmodified.

Personally I believe when the large ships come to "evacuate" us, they'll be abatoirs, sausage factories if you will.

Maybe we don't make good pets. Maybe we taste good.

Maybe they like to eat us raw with a soysauce to dip us in, sort of like some of us enjoy live squid.

Anyway, I posted it in the proper forum right? Chit Chat?