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Sylvia Browne Busted on 911 Death.


Paranormal Adept
She's a fraud and makes a living scamming the gullible. The biggest shame is that it is allowed to continue by people who continue to pay her for her "predictions" and "readings." There's no reason for this whatsoever-other than people seem to need hope and reassurance that there is *something* after death.


Paranormal Adept
There may be something after death. (I hope so.) but Slyvia isn't privy to it. Or at least I don't think so. Now Raymond Moody and Melvin Morse and Charles Tart and the Pin Lomell dude that does the research? They may or may not be onto something. But, yeah Slyvia makes an easy target. She "appears" to be a money pit.


Skilled Investigator
You know what? I'm not 100% closed to the idea that there may be something that lives on after death (of the person). AND I'm not 100% closed to the idea of genuine psychic abilities and incidents.

I just think that there are NO 100% right psychics out there that can do this as a full-time job and be right every single time.

Sylvia is definitely a con man.


Paranormal Novice
Interesting link and story, dt.

Does anyone know what's wrong with her to where she's now in a wheelchair?

She has apparently been in a wheelchair for awhile, which is why you never saw her walk around on the stage on the Montel show they, they would park her ass in a chair before taping started.

Some people think she has Emphysema from smoking but she says she does not smoke. Even though her former husband and many former staffers say that she does. And if she will go out of her wait to lie about something stupid like smoking is it really a stretch to think she would be lying about her "abilities"?

The biggest public mark against her, in my opinion, is when she told two parents on the Montel show that their son who was kidnapped had been killed by his abductor, she even went so far as to tell them that his dead body was underwater by some boulders. Jump to years into the future and the kid is not only alive but has been found and returned to his parents, kids name is Shaun Hornbeck.


Paranormal Novice
For me, Sylvia Browne is busted every time she speaks.

She has never been anything but a blatantly obvious charlatan.


Paranormally Abled
It's about time she was found out. I could see for a long time that she is a phony. Who I think is genuine is John Edwards. I particularly found the show interesting where he predicted that a dead young man's camera would be found in a particular spot at the bottom of the mountain on which the young man had been skiing when he died. His family returned to the show later to state that the camera had been found exactly where John had said it would be. I believe that as far as psychics are concerned you need to check each one for accuracy. Some are phonies, some are genuine and the genuine ones have vary degrees of ability. It is just sad to me that the skeptics can't see this. It's all or nothing to some people.


I know someone who lost her husband and son in an accident. She did find some level of peace from seeing John Edward. Everything he told her was right about her family and I think it helped her move through the grieving process.