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Surprise find, new member


Paranormal Novice
hello, I am a new member. I am adam Sliger. I listen to ufo podcasts at night to help me sleep. I am a 100% disabled veteran and army retired. I am 34, I retired medically in 2013.

I have had several paranormal experiences and one ufo encounter with a friend when I was in the army out in southern New Mexico of all places.

To be flat out honest, i joined the site to view Butch Witkowski’s criminal history. I listened to his YouTube videos that he was a guest on and came across a video about a missing person amens John sees. The video debunked butch as a felon. I was shocked. Further search led me to this site. Just like David Paulides, another fraud and scumbag.

One thing I have noticed is no one takes this field seriously because of all of the fakes and con artists and bullshit artists.

I liked listening to JC Johnson before he sadly passed away.


FeralNormal master
Yeah J.C. was quite the character, even though I never heard the details I got the impression that he was one those People that got struck down with that flu that was going round earlier this year and instead of being miserable with it for 4 or so days was hospitalized and died soon afterwards.

There are times I feel that we(?) are like early Christians that were stoned to death or fed to the lions, regardless of the persecutions we still keep our faith, and others get rich....

Damn! I said too much! I must now repent.


Hopeful Monster
Just like David Paulides, another fraud and scumbag.
Hmmm tell me more please, or point me to anything I should read about that. I have felt Paulides is peddling yarns a lot of people want to hear but I couldn't point to anything that was fraud, I'd like to know about that.

I did think his story about breaking his leg in Japan and being so tough he didn't get any treatment for it for days to be bizarre. But, maybe this can happen?


Staff member
Welcome to the Paracast .. which will often offer you a choice. Would you like the whole truth ... or the Brutal Truth? Hope you enjoy.



Paranormal Novice
Paulides was a paper pusher policeman that I believe was fired and got into legal issues over being an autograph hound.


Paranormal Novice
Here is the link

r/Missing411 - Paulides' dwindling credibility

Here is one of the ones I remember reading. From reddit. Sadly many of these guys on these podcasts are scumbags. I hate to say it, but I think many of these guys are frauds and spin stories for fame and fortune.

An excerpt from Reddit

San Jose Mercury News (CA) – Saturday, December 21, 1996

Author: SANDRA GONZALES, Mercury News Staff Writer

When a veteran San Jose police officer began soliciting celebrity autographs on city stationery, he wound up with more than just a friendly letter from singer Lionel Richie to hang on his wall. He also got an arrest warrant last week charging him with a misdemeanour count of falsely soliciting for charity – a crime for which he could face a year in jail.

Officer David Paul Paulides, 40, aroused suspicions after he was seen using city stationery on the department’s computer printers. Paulides also sent and received large quantities of unofficial mail at the department, police reports say. None of those activities fell within his duties as a court liaison officer, prompting an internal investigation that began last September.

“He’s an autograph hound,” said Assistant District Attorney Karyn Sinunu, who filed the complaint last week in Municipal Court. “It was a stupid thing to do – to spend your time enhancing your personal collection when taxpayers are paying for you to work.”

Suspicions were heightened when the police department received a phone call from a Los Angeles publicist asking to speak with Paulides about the “Police Hall of Fame,” and a letter from the Lionel Richie Fan Club which enclosed an autographed compact disc by the singer. As it turned out, Paulides had solicited autographs from such people as newswoman Diane Sawyer, astronaut Mae Jemison, model Carol Alt, exercise guru Jack La Lanne and Ivana Trump – allegedly by falsely claiming he was working on a city project.

In the letter to Trump, for example, Paulides wrote: “You are a great role model for young women. . . . I’ve been given the task by my city to develop a display for our lobby of successful businesswomen. . . . We are respectfully requesting an autographed photo for our display. . . . Your success on a professional as well as personal level make, you a superior businesswoman and mother.”

Several of the celebrities had returned autographed photographs of themselves.

Paulides attorney Daniel Jensen claims it was all an unfortunate misunderstanding. “He feels badly and is embarrassed,” Jensen said. Jensen said that the officer was gathering the autographs to serve as teaching aids for a class he had taught and that Paulides had envisioned hanging the pictures in the department’s lobby. “They were to be inspirational examples of people who’ve done very well,” Jensen said.

Authorities, however, say there was no authorized “Hall of Fame” being developed for any lobby. They could find nothing Paulides was associated with in an official capacity that would give him the authority to seek autographs on the department’s behalf.

Paulides was one of several instructors who taught a city-sponsored organizational development class, but he had not taught the course since March. Police spokesman Officer Louis Quezada said Paulides is on vacation. Quezada could not say what sort of job action the department might take against Paulides. Jensen, however, said possible repercussions range from disciplinary action to termination from the department where Paulides has worked since 1980.

Paulides surrendered to authorities last week and was released. He is expected to be arraigned next month in Municipal Court.”


Paranormal Novice
As for David Paulides, he is the biggest asshole of them all. I mentioned the prices of his books were insane on Amazon and the guy went off even after I tried to be nice. The guy would not stop. He is the biggest asshole in the field.


Paranormal Adept
I know of worse.

What was his penalty for his stunt?
The Google confirmed for me that the Paulides "rogue autograph seeker" story is, indeed, legit. The article is in the Mercury News Archives from 1996. Upon further use of The Google, according to the website Transparent California, it appears Mr. Paulides retired in 1996, after just over 16 years of service with the SJ Police Dept. The article mentions he started with the SJPD in 1980, which makes the numbers work. So I think we can connect the dots and say they "forcibly retired" him (or he quit before being fired) as a result of his ridiculous escapade, but he did not lose his pension. He receives a little over $29K/year from that (via TransparentCalifornia.com).

I'm no devotee of Paulides, I'm rather skeptical of his research, but in fairness to him, on its face and in my opinion, a stupid misdemeanor mistake of this kind 20 years ago does not necessarily negate the research he's done and the work he's generated regarding those "Missing 411" cases, or even his Bigfoot research, for that matter. To me, this isn't a straightforward Phil Imbrogno/fraud type situation.

It's unfortunate he was unpleasant to deal with for the one forum member. He showed signs of that in a feud with another writer/researcher, Steph Young, who he accused of copying his work. I believe that's since been straightened out. He has one of the worst websites I've seen in modern times and as the OP pointed out, his books are insanely, ridiculously expensive via third party resellers in the Amazon Marketplace. However, that's not Paulides fault, other than that he can't keep his books in print.


Hopeful Monster
Here is the link

r/Missing411 - Paulides' dwindling credibility

Here is one of the ones I remember reading. From reddit. Sadly many of these guys on these podcasts are scumbags. I hate to say it, but I think many of these guys are frauds and spin stories for fame and fortune.
Ahhh ok, thanks Slytiger. I had read long ago about him supposedly being fired for autograph collecting, and forgotten that. Hadn't seen all those details either I don't think. Thank you again for sharing, that helps.

Well no doubt in my opinion anyway there are loads of frauds and people spinning stories in the paranormal world. It can drive me nuts if I pay enough attention to it, wondering what is up with a particular person. Are they mentally ill somehow? Do they just like telling stories? Are they in it for the money? Is it some mix of those, or something else? (disinformation maybe?) Who knows.

I feel like Paulides wants money but doesn't mind getting some admiration as well. But I don't have the most informed opinion on the topic.

So strange to me though when someone arguably decides to go all-in on the fraud life. Not necessarily talking about Paulides here but thinking of others I personally judge to be trafficking in nothing but delusions, and it seems that is their job. Even if I had the right skills and nerve to be, oh, say, S****n G***r, I just don't think I could ever be comfortable leading that life. It can be fascinating but disturbing to imagine what it must be like to be a full-time professional peddler of BS.

I have paid attention to the Missing411 subreddit now and again and listened to some interviews with Paulides. I really think a lot of people want to believe what he is telling them - it's spooky, intriguing stuff. Folks love a mystery. Look at how well true crime has been doing recently, and this is just another mystery with, when told properly, creepy trappings.
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Paranormal Novice
What gets me is the crazy super Soldier stories of space marines being age regressed and all. I can’t believe how many podcasts I’ve listened to and it is so obvious the guest is a hoax or blatant liar. The John Titor’s that end up being some normal guy. Ha.

There are a few stories I believe though. Travis Walton, for example. Serveral others.

I am a believer, (I saw a ufo when I was in the military for 30 minutes, and have had a lot of paranormal experiences) but when it sounds like I’m listening to some science fiction novel I know it is probably bullshit. I do try to keep an open mind because the truth can be stranger than fiction.