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strange lights near heathrow airport

mig&tig man

Paranormal Novice
Well here goes..........
It happened when i was living at home in Teddington,England when i was around 16yrs old it was in the afternoon and i guess it was winter as the sky was overcast you know the type of thing when there is no gaps in the clouds and its all quite and still as if its going to snow any minute.
I was in my younger brothers room we were talking about something when i noticed a strange light in the sky out of the window it was round and glowed like a large orb i guess you could say .
i shouted to my parents who were downstairs in our living room and i bounded down the stairs shouting for everyone to rush into the back garden my family raced outside with me and we called our neighbors to come out as well and they did.
i pointed to the light glowing in the sky and as i said there was no gaps in the couds which made a perfect backdrop, we all looked at the object which then was joined by 3 others and the 4 of them headed away to our right and as we looked at them going away another apeared and went in the same direction.
Now what made this rearly strange was the direction they went was towards heathrow airport!.
no noise
yellowish in colour
8 witnesses
a few hundred feet above the ground
5 craft
sky was that strange affect you get when its about to snow( i hope someone knows what i mean)
Towards Heathrow airport
As we looked at the sky they went from left to right

ps: As a boy i was taken to many airshows and plane spotting at Heathrow and these were not planes.
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