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Stalking the herd reviews

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Stalking the Herd; A book review.
In the past I have had the pleasure of reading one other Book by Chris O’Brien “Secrets of the Mysterious Valley”. “Stalking” reads very much like the former text. Mr O’Brien work is not so much an investigation it is a journey. While reading “stalking I pictured myself standing in a muddy field with Mr O’Brien. The Book is amazing the work of a lifetime. From the opening chapters where he investigates the earliest cases delving into mans relationship with bovines from the religious caste of India going forward to the Bible and beyond. Then he delves into the mutilations. From early history to Snippy. (Lady) I found the chapter on Snippy to be well researched. Mr O'Brien then spends many chapters on each decade. Highlighting major cases. For the mundane to the truly bizarre. Wraping it all up in as he puts it “”A current and cultural subtext.” “Stalking the Herd is an amazing work. It had deepened my Respect for Mr O’Brien and his work. It is a book the DEMANDS multiple readings. The book is easy to read with no “jargon” to confuse the reader.
In short if you have an interest in the subject of cattle mutilations this is the Book for you unlike others who study this Mr O'Brien dose not try to force one solution on the reader.
Instead he presents new possibility a call to action and a promise of a follow up book.
extremely well written, well researched and easy to read.
Once again I give Mr O’Brien permission to use my review in whole or part to help promote his book
Robert J Watson Jr
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Thanks for the wonderful review. If you could go to Amazon and post it on the STH page in the review section, I'd greatly appreciate it. A first review w/ 5 stars would set the review ball in motion. Thanks again and thank you for your interest in my work!!!
it wont let me post a review because I have not bought anything from amazon in a while. so I bought a "Doctor Who" DvD once the card is charged I should be able to.
I was just informed by amazon that my review of the book was helpful to a buyer of the book. It begins. .

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there are now 6 reviews one is VERY negative. here is the review:
To me this might be the worst of the lot. Nothing but complete repetition of the same stuff page after page. This has to be the most boring book out there. Snippy the horse is just about referenced everywhere. Nothing but the finding of mutes (mutilations). No real explanations. The most horrible feeling when you reach the end and say to yourself, why did I even bother getting this book. Oh, but the cover is nice and that is about all. Absolutely nothing learned and no conclusions either.

I posted a response:
What Book did you read? sorry I found this book to be well written. "Snippy the horse refrenced everywhere?" I beg to differ! nothing learned? I again Beg to differ. no conclusions? that's because there is no real answer to the ongoing mystery. If you want a cookie cutter answer then this Book is not for you. If you are looking for "aliens are doing it" then again not for you. Next time really READ the work before you review it! I did many times!
there are now 6 reviews one is VERY negative...
Thanks for your rebuttal Bob. Seems like it was a boiler-plated review/response, I appreciate your rebuttal. I wonder: where are all the other reviews from other folks that have read STH? Oh well, sometimes it takes some time before you can review any gorilla sitting in the closet. :eek:
there was one other coment on his review here it is...
Almost a boilerplated version of another one star review. Has a debunker-feel to it, no? From review of: Phantom Hitchhikers and Other Urban Legends: The Strange Stories Behind Tall Tales
"One of the most boring book I have ever read. Most of this is 'maybe' as well as things we have heard for a long time. To me it seems like the author could just as well have made most of these up just to fill space in the book. "It could be or maybe not what do you think?" is way to repetitive. Sorry, but this books stinks." Sorry, your review stinks!
the gentleman responded to my rebuttal:
Sorry Bob, this has the same feel to it as why does it rain? Let me give all of these case histories and you can figure it out for yourselves. Sorry but I am not looking for "aliens" but I was looking for an explanation of what the author thought. His answer was always my Snippy.
I could have won a fortune knowing another shill for the book would come out of the woodwork. You are probably right though. I did notice where it landed on the best seller list.LOL

my response:
OK I reread chapters 5 6 and 7. I found only ONE refrece to Snippy (in passing) otherwise the snippy case is NOT mentioned in those chapters...SO WHAT BOOK DID YOU READ where "Snippy the horse is refrenced everywhere?" sorry you Just are flat out WRONG! Now as for being a SHILL...If defending a Book I happened to enjoy is Shilling for Mr O'Brian the so be it. the man has 20 YEARS of experience in this HE KNOWS WHAT HE IS TALKING ABOUT. MY review stands and sadly so will yours. We will agree to disagree. I enjoyed the book you did not that is only our opinions. Peace
while at Barnes And Nobles I saw two guys looking for books by Lina molton Howe. I stuck up a conversation and they were interested in cattle Mutalation. I told them there was a Better book on the subject and found a copy of STH. Bolth bought a copy! word of mouth the best way to sell a book! still works today!
Bought it last week , one third in it now . It is a fascinating read thus far. Does it make a difference on what amazon site i write a review ? I bought it from Amazon.de , Germany. So Chris , congratulations . When finished , i'm gonna get your other books too.