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Spirit hand


Paranormal Novice
Hi people I was told about this site from one of your members, reason being I have something on my mobile phone, its a hand that shoots out in front of my face, it was late it was dark and I grabbed my phone to look at the time and the phone went straight onto video which it sometimes does and I had the phone about two hands away from my face when I realised the camera was on I shut it off, the next day I opened my phone and looked at the footage and it gave me the heebeegeebees lol and I showed it to some friends and they all got goose bumps, I will gladly share this with you all, but its on my phone so I would have to send it to someone cause Im not really computer literate. Ok so I am adding on here because I need someone to help me, I would like to share this with you but I only know how to send it via multi media argh sorry but this IS real and I am itching to show you guys!!!


Nothin' to see here
best thing to do is send it to someone who can send emails on their cell phone. This someone can then email the image/video to themselves and either post the video, or grab a screenshot or two out of it.

Aaron seems like he knows what hes doing. Just make sure you share anything you get Aaron!