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"Soaked In Bleach" = Kurt Cobain Was Murdered


Paranormal Maven

Soaked in Bleach was released on the 11th. Already, Courtney Love has threatened to sue any movie theater that showed the film and she is believed to be behind a series of 1 star rating attacks on the film's IMDb page. I also suspect that she has paid people to write bad reviews of the film. You might think that's a paranoid statement but in the film Courtney Love is tape recorded admitting she pays people in the media to plant false stories. So if she can do that, she can definitely pay people to write bad reviews.

The movie, a.k.a. docu-drama, is superb. Excellent forensic experts argue for the reopening of Kurt Cobain's death investigation. It really is a must see.

You can watch it on Vimeo, either buy it for $14.95 or rent it for $5.99. It's also been pirated. If you go the pirate route please buy the DVD when it is released in August.

I would also love for Tom Grant to be interviewed on the show. But he's not "paranormal" so I guess they wouldn't have him.