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So True


Paranormal Novice
Hey, I'm pretty new to the forum but I've been listening to the Paracast since the start.
I'm 14 and I've been deep in the UFO's/CryptoZ/Conspiracies field since like 8 or something.
Too be honest I think I'm best to comment on this, being a teenager and I know exactly why their not interested.

We have been brought up to ridicule UFOs, their the kind of thing that are regarded as just in movies.
Most kids don't read books so they just define UFO's as what they see in movies-which most of the time is over exaggerated. Even the teacher at my school take the piss when they find out what I'm interested.
Nowadays, everybodies to afraid to be different or stand out from the crowd

This may not be very interesting but thought I'd do my first Post!