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Skeptics Needed - Please Help Debunk or Verify These Stories !

Merchandise that’s just out of this world!


piscator ψ
Let's start with the claim that using her mind power, a Chinese woman can grow a seed into a plant in 20 Minutes: Mind Over Matter: Scientists Study Woman Who Can Grow A Seed Into A Plant In 20 Minutes
Relevant link here: Effects of External Qi on Plant DNA & Cellular Growth

Not sure if I am a sceptic or a debunker or both or neither.
But I had a look at the website called "Collective Evolution" and it looks extremely fishy.

For example:

From a main author of the site called "Arjun Walia" who also wrote the article about growing a plant in 20 mins.

Strange Unknown Objects Found Inside Humans Have Experts Believing They Could Be Extraterrestrial

Why would ET use clunky implants when we puny humans already have nano chips?

or From another author there "Mark DeNicola"

This 90 Year Old Woman With Cancer Opted Out Of Chemotherapy. She Chose Joy Instead

Sounds very Peter Popoff to me.

Here is a gem from Alanna Ketler:

Having A Bad Trip On ‘Shrooms’ Can Actually Improve Your Well-Being

I have no words for this one.

Or this offering from "Jeff Roberts"

The Secrets Of Ancient History Are Locked Deep Within Your Subconscious Mind – This Is How You Can Access It


Oh and from the sites creator:

A Stunning New Crop Circle Has Shown Up & It’s Very Mysterious (Pictures)

Crop circles...................

I found a list of the writers on the about us page here:

About Us

I don't see one "DR" in the list, personally I would not take any kind of medical advice from them.

I couldn't bring myself to actually read any of the articles, could be my loss, but somehow I doubt it :)

Also I looked at the DNA link website Zen Integrative Clinic and found this in their recommended links:

Vision Quest
– A 3rd generation psychic and a medium in Los Gatos, CA

To my nose it all smells like "Surströmming"*

*Surströmming - Wikipedia


piscator ψ
Up next: Water Memory ...

Dr Marcel Vogel - Water Memory Records "Thought Forms"

(DR)* Marcel Vogel + Billy Meier = :rolleyes:

Billy Meier UFO metal sample
According to the book Light Years by Gary Kinder, Vogel examined a metal sample which was allegedly given to Billy Meier by extraterrestrials and marveled at its unusual properties (Vogel stated it contained the element thulium).[3] An investigator with the Independent Investigations Group claims to have found that the element detected by Vogel was in fact aluminum and not thulium.[4][5] Kinder however states in his book that the metal sample had disappeared after Vogel's analysis and was never found again.

The preliminary microscopic analysis of the samples, narrated by Marcel Vogel, can be found in the film Beamship - The Metal

*honourary degree from:

*The International College of Spiritual & Psychic Sciences

Metal alloy Samples « Billy Meier UFO Research

USI Calgary

J. Randall Murphy
Staff member
@Han Thanks for the input. I don't have time to research everything I run across. Vogel's credentials don't inspire a lot of confidence, but then again, his chart showing the spike alleged to be caused purely by a thought form could be evidence worth considering if we knew more details and if others were able to replicate it. So that's what I was curious about there. But I haven't seen any independent verification of his work or that of mind power on plant growth. Until then it's probably safe to assume the claims are dubious at best. Where's all those skeptics hiding out when you need 'em ... ;).