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Show of October 2, 2011 — Eric Altman and Dave Dragosin


Paranormal Peria
I enjoyed this show and it's subject matter. As a boy I shared an encounter with two friends similar to what Chris O'Brien describes happening with him and his brother - though mine was somewhat less dramatic.

I thought that the guests were both knowledgeable and pleasant, but no more knowledgeable than (and in some ways, perhaps not as knowledgeable as) Chris O'Brien. I thought the show informative. Though I'm pretty well versed on the topic and have been curious and fascinated by it since before my (possible) encounter as a lad, I still heard a couple of things that I hadn't before, and that was a nice surprise.

Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum was mentioned at least once during the episode, and I wouldn't, at all, mind an future show devoted to this same subject featuring Dr. Meldrum (whose background in anthropology would lend a certain weight to the discussion) with a lot of "back-and-forth" between he, Gene and Chris - with more emphasis on the science, regarding subjects like anthropological/anatomical dissimilarities between Sasquatch tracks and humans, or out-right forgery. I find that the discovery of dermal ridges (i.e. "fingerprints") found on plaster casts made of footprint impressions particularly intriguing.

At any rate, I felt that this episode lived up to the claim of being "The Gold Standard of Paranormal Radio."



i managed to get thru all the monkey business and was left underwhelmed.


Paranormal Adept
I was more impressed with Chris O'Brien than the guests. They were almost at a loss to come up with "best cases," while Chris consistently came up with truly remarkable cases.


Skilled Investigator
Now I would hunt Big Foot with these "researchers" any day!!!!

Actually this is one of my favorite YouTube artist iJustine (She is a big Apple fan Gene).

Come on people!!!! LAUGH!!!!

<iframe src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/bs9MBMPyA0Q" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" width="560"></iframe>


<iframe src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/dyXcOs4ucJA" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" width="560"></iframe>


Paranormal Adept
I enjoyed the show, its an interesting topic.

There have been at least two documented Yowie sightings where i live, Woodford.



Some more from the blue mountains area




This one mentions a womans period (hazelbrook is next burb up from mine)


There are plenty more at that site

In addition my brother in law had an encounter, he spoke of it after the event while still in shock, but refuses to do so now, getting angry if pressed.

Essentially he was camping when he came across one, he ran back to his campsite got in the car and left, leaving all his camping gear behind, he refused to go back there to reclaim it


Paranormal Adept
I wasn't familiar with the Yowie. One alleged source of confusion for Bigfoot sightings are bears. But down under you don't have any large bears, do you? There's less scope for mistaken observation.


Paranormal Adept
No no bears or anything even close.
Whats interesting though is the native people , like native people the world over have an oral tradition that recognises this creature.

Im convinced they are real for no other reason than my brother in law says he saw one, hes a laconic no nonsense bloke, My wife (his sister) is convinced that he is telling the truth about seeing something.


Paranormal Adept
When the guests talked about using recorded sounds to try to provoke a reaction from the Bigfoots, including "screams of women in ecstasy", I immediately thought about trying to convince Larry Flint to sponsor an expedition.

Hey, anything for Science, right? ;)

PS: A nice show, although I wished Chris had asked the guests about this alleged Ericksson Project documentary which is claimed to have incredible clear footage of live Sasquatches. Seems to me that this docu is becoming as elusive as the big guy himself :(


Paranormal Maven
The human breast milk bait comment made me perk up. However; it sounded more like a gift. If you put out bait and the bait is taken, isn't usually the idea to capture your quarry in some manner (shoot, leg trap, photograph etc.) as it takes that bait? I wish your guests would have elaborated a little more on that (and I don't necessarily mean for them to have dwelled more on breasts...if you know what I mean?).

Digital Trickster

Paranormal Maven
I would have to agree that Chris did a great job! why not just have Chris talk about the subject next time LOL :) I really did enjoy the show.I love to hear all the UFO interviews you guys do they are the best anywhere and its nice that you guys do episodes like this too. Keep up the great works guys :)

paul reddington

Paranormal Novice
i enjoyed the show as a big bigfoot encounter fan and would like more shows in the future if at all possible. Meldrum would be a good addition for a future discussion too guys.........good work:)


Paranormal Novice
great show! my brother and i saw the minnesota iceman in the late 70's. whoever owned it at the time brought it to our local mall and was put on display. dont know if it was the original one or not. i thought i had read before that there was suppossed to be a real one and a fake one.


Skilled Investigator
I agree with many of the people commenting on this show. Overall, it wasn't a bad listening experience. They obviously had familiarity with the bigfoot phenomena but had trouble coming up with good stories ( as everyone else seemed to notice). I also had issue with them talking about bigfoot as if it really exists, even though they were careful about saying they had very little confirmation on the validity of their stories. I was also a bit disturbed by their lack of knowledge on the high strangeness aspect associated with many bigfoot sitings, these sitings are much more common than both gentlemen expressed (maybe just not in PA). In all, O'Brien seemed to know more than they did about global bigfoot encounters which must be a tad bit embarassing for the guests.

I agree with many here in that Meldrum would be an excellent guest and I would appreciate if we could get away from UFOs once and while. Hearing the same stories about prominent UFO researchers and the politics involved does get old...If the co-hosts are willing to bring on crystal skull guests then why not some ghost and bigfoot guests once and a while?

In summary, nice show and maybe we can continue to diversify the guests a bit?


Paranormal Adept
Good episode. What impressed me the most about the guests is that they couldn't come up with good "stories" for the most part. To me that says that their realities of the Sasquatch/Bigfoot are a bit more rooted in the research data and less in the "fluff." I thought the guests were good, but not incredibly charismatic. So basically....good job guys.

PS: Chris, you are truly a walking encyclopedia of the paranormal, and bigfoot. Kudos to you for a life of studying this stuff and hunting for that elusive piece of data.