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seeing the future a few seconds ahead?


Skilled Investigator
OK, so this post won't be anywhere near as intense as my last(shadow ghost) :)

This memory is one that I have carried with me since being 4 years old.

Basically, my mum used to visit her best friend carol almost everyday after shopping in town(Yorkshire), Carol only lived a five miniute walk from town.

Carol has always lived at the bottom of a hill for the past thirty years, and the walk down the hill would take up most of the time, near the top of the hill there is a pub, and after that, council houses.

One day, whilst taking the usual route to Carols, mum and I observed workers on the roof of the pub, there was about four of them I remember.

Suddenly mum said, quite calmly, "he's gonna fall Sher, I can just feel it".

Seconds later, he did.

I witnessed it and I have never known how she could have known that and been so calm about it.

Why did she tell me? and why didn't she stay to make sure he was alright?

I have never understood this.

Four years old. Mum saying that, actually watching it unfold infront of me.

What's all that about?!

Thinking back, it seemed like time slowed down, like I watched it in slow motion, but I guess that's what happens in those sort of situations.

I even remember his shirt..strange, such an imprint of all that..what must have been a matter of a minutes,,perhaps a couple at the most.

And then..another strange event.

I, aged 12, woke up with a sense of urgency, and all I could think was "Michael!"..knowing that the only Michael I knew was our neighbour and good friend who lived over the road, I bolted out of bed(top bunk), and ran half way down the stairs to where a small window was, from here Michaels house was visible, and it was just as I had looked out of the window that I saw a blue moving blur..that's how I described it then and even now, it was infact , Michael falling from a ladder wearing his blue overalls!.

Seeing this I ran upstairs to mum, afer I had looked closer and seen what had happened and told her what I had seen.

I don't remember what happened next, but I do know that he had broken his leg in three places and he couldn't walk for such a long time.

I remember the guilt I carried in my stomach, as though if only I had woken sooner or something, anything.

I did speak of my sudden waking and what I had experienced to mum and others, and was told not to feel guilty at all, it was mentioned that I may be psychic, but to be honest,as a child that was little comfort.

Thankfully, he was alright soon enough and I did shake off the guilt.

Just wondered, has anyone else experienced similar events?


There is no spoon
I'll describe the closest I have had to that:
Regularly, and I mean by this like once every two to four weeks, I will be walking down the street when I think I see one of my friends or someone i know. I'll turn to look at them and then realise that infact its not them, its just some other random person. Then within the next 5-10 minutes, i'll still be walking down the street and i'll see the exact person I thought In saw 5 minutes ago!

I suppose it could just be conincidence but it seems to happen freakishly often.
Is it seeing into the future.... there's too little evidence to prove that really.

Is there a more simple explanation?: The only other thing i can think of is that its just intuition. I remember reading a psychology journal at uni once, that explained that intuition is actually a part of your brain calculating the probability of something happening without actually using thought. This then gives us our sense of intuition...

Does this mean that this part of my brain calculated that there is a high chance of seeing this person based upon the fact that they live in the town, work nearby or other reasons?
Does this mean your mum could just intuitively see that the guy on the roof wasnt stable so would fall?

Personally I dont like any of these answers, they all seem unlikely and particularly as sometimes it happens with people I havent seen for months or years.

I can't seem to find any possible explanation for either your experience, mine... or the many other people who experience such things although since i'm boringly conservative about these subjects i'm still not convinced its something paranormal... who knows!:confused:


Skilled Investigator
I have small or large events like this happen on a regular basis and am used to having a certain intuitive hit about certain people or events. As a kid sometimes I would feel guilty aobut knowing certain things.

My mother also has some ability like this. I tend to think everyone does to some degree.

Aaron LeClair

Paranormal Maven
People tend to remember their hits, and forget their misses. Or that of others.

Can you think of times where your mum had a feeling about you, that turned up wrong? I know I can with my mom. Occasionally she'd be right. Guess heads or tails. It could be that sort of thing.


Skilled Investigator
Hi Aaron:)

I agree with that, about the heads and tails:)

I can't think off hand of any times that mum has being wrong, but saying that, it's not to say that she hasn't, it may be that she just hasn't spoken of those times:p

I dunno, I, like most other people, have experienced this to some degree and what's more is that I seem to go through 'seasons' of experiencing foresight. It can be months or years before I have it happen again.

The worst thing for me is, more than anything,that I pick up on people's emotions, even if they're not displaying obvious signs of being upset, it's like a lead weight in my gut and an overwhelming sense that something is wrong, to the point that I need to ask them..(which isn't always appreciated)

It's like I cannot focus on anything but the person until they have got it out of their system.

Not sure that this would come under the same subject though, but it does have the same sense of just knowing.