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Second Solar System Nemesis Nibiru Evidence


Paranormal Novice
I live in Georgia & recently been witnessing strange events. I've been following The Annunaki & Sumerian stories for over a decade now. To see these giant planets with my naked eye was life changing. I watched as one of these intruder planets. Dragged our atmosphere behind it as it orbited overhead. I was in my hot tub before sunrise. I've taken hundreds of photos showing planets & moons. More provable evidence that needs to be seen now!


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Paranormal Novice
More from this month


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Paranormal Novice
Also caught a huge triangle in the clouds


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J. Randall Murphy
I live in Georgia & recently been witnessing strange events. I've been following The Annunaki & Sumerian stories for over a decade now ...
While I'm sure that strange things happen, and that people do experience them, I'm also certain that their interpretation of them is not always accurate. Were a planet sized object get close enough to Earth to drag our atmosphere, or even be seen as a large sphere in the sky, it would be visible to hundreds of millions of people, produce widespread seismic disturbances, and create huge oceanic events that would all be felt, measured, and experienced worldwide. There would be zero doubt about its reality, and there would be more scientifically valid evidence than could possibly be discredited, doubted, or covered up by anyone.

Given the above, I'd like to encourage you learn some basic astronomy and physics. There are amateur astronomy clubs that regularly go out, observe the sky, and talk about what's really going on up there, and other planets in close proximity to Earth isn't one of them. Such things are part of myth and popular culture. Perhaps there might be ( and this is a long shot ), some planet sized object on a highly elliptical orbit that takes it way beyond the known planetary orbits that has remained undetected. But as of yet, there's no substantial evidence that such a planet actually exists. On the other hand, there is convincing evidence that exoplanets ( planets around other star systems ) do exist.
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Paranormal Maven
Nibiru/Planet X spotters are mostly sincere, but just don't realise that an astronomical object would (even if not visible to the naked eye) be seen by thousands of amateur astronomers, who all spend much time looking for and would confirm any new object.

Lens-flare photos and videos are often used as supporting evidence.

These folks just don't understand very basic astronomy and because of that this is a subject will keep reappearing.