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Second-hand tale of very odd "vampire" encounter (MIB-ish?)


Skilled Investigator
I've got a couple of oddities I could share here, but one comes to mind that has always fascinated me. This is a second hand tale, but one that came directly from the experiencer who I have since lost touch with.

I dated a woman many years ago who related this to me. She claimed that once (about two years before she told me the story) she was approached by two people who befriended her and seemed a little "odd." I asked her how, and she said they had a strange feel about them as if they were hiding something. They were a man and a woman apparently, and the man did most of the talking.

As they got to know her, they got into subjects that she had some interest in at the time such as the occult, the paranormal, etc. They asked her if she'd ever felt "different" from other people and asked her a number of other very strange questions such as how well she felt like she "fit into society," etc.

They also seemed like they knew things about her that they ought not to know, such as things about her childhood including some past childhood traumas.

The meetings were always at public places. She would always just run into them at places such as local bars, clubs, music venues, and even on the street. The frequency that she ran into them seemed odd to her as well, but they were friendly and they'd have interesting conversations.

Then, the last time she saw them, they drop this on her:

They claimed that they were vampires. Yes, vampires... like the immortal blood-drinking kind. They claimed that she was a perfect candidate to be "converted," and that if she was interested she should meet them at a time and place of their choosing. Then they left.

Yeah, amazingly weird. But I think she was telling me the truth. I don't think she was making this up.

Anyway, about a week later she wakes up in the middle of the night with a feeling that she needs to drive somewhere. She does, and as she's driving down a highway that's almost empty (at about 2-3am apparently) she passes a series of cars parked on the side of the road. She thinks that she recognizes the man in one of the cars, and there are several others that she had never seen before standing near the cars. They apparently watched her pass.

She didn't stop, and drove to a friends' house instead of going home. She said she didn't tell her friend all the details since she was afraid she'd sound crazy. She told her friend she'd been chased instead.

Needless to say, this whole experienced freaked her out pretty bad. She didn't leave her house for a few days and was very paranoid for a while.

She never saw them again. To this day, she said the thought of what would have happened if she'd stopped freaks her out.

I can think of only a few rational explanations:

- People out trying to initiate someone into a cult

- An elaborate prank or social/psychological experiment

- An attempted abduction, rape, murder, etc. (The teenagers who were killed by the "satanic" cult in Russia recently comes to mind.)

Beyond that, this reminds me of what I've heard about encounters with "men in black." The waking up in the middle of the night with a feeling of a need to drive somewhere definitely seems paranormal and very strange.

So is that weird enough for ya? What category does this go in? :confused:

Edit: I forgot one other detail: she said that the night when she drove by the parked cars, she had a strange surreal jittery feeling. She said it felt like a dream, and that she couldn't quite remember the route that she drove to get to that point.


Skilled Investigator

Are you still in touch with this woman? I'm curious if she could add any more to this very strange story...


Skilled Investigator

Are you still in touch with this woman? I'm curious if she could add any more to this very strange story...

Unfortunately no. It was many years ago that she told me this and I've since lost touch, and it would be a bit odd for me to contact her over this. She wasn't even all that comfortable talking about it. It really really freaked her out.

I just posted it here because I've never heard anything quite like it, and because I don't think she was making it up.

I'd love to know more about the physical descriptions of the people she encountered and about what precisely they told her and what sorts of conversations they had before their weird vampire "coming out" story.

I did think of one more detail that is important: my friend was not in any way "goth," and she didn't mention anything about the "vampires" looking to be of that subculture either. I know there are people into vampire fetishism in the goth scene, but this didn't have anything to do with that. She didn't give me a lot of physical detail about them except that they were normal in appearance but gave her an odd creepy feeling. I wasn't taking notes when she told me the story unfortunately, and it's been a while.

This occurred in rural central Ohio, which is also odd... not exactly the sort of place you associate with people out-there enough to pretend to be vampires.

The only real paranormal element is the overall strange feelings she described and the feeling of being compelled to drive in the middle of the night. If it weren't for that, I'd chalk it up purely to her having encountered some crazy cultists or something. That still may be true, but the final encounter had some paranormal overtones. The only thing that comes to mind for me to compare it with is some of the "mysterious visitor" stories from contactee lore about strange people claiming to be government agents, people from Venus, etc., except that this had nothing to do with UFOs and they told an entirely different story.