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Rendlesham explained - really...?


Paranormal Maven
Just seen this from "Professor" Simon - usually a very sensible and well researched YouTube channel. The guy has worked in TV documentary making and he's no push-over, I don't think.

He has some good contacts as shown by his other "ordinary" military videos.

Anyway, he claims he has the final word on what happened at Rendlesham. Something really did happen. but we know that I think.

Unfortunately so many people have so much invested in the event that I doubt it will end here. Let's see who has sensible arguments to refute the content of the video.

Enjoy. The video is only about eight minutes long.

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J. Randall Murphy
Staff member
Professor" Simon ... claims he has the final word on what happened at Rendlesham. Something really did happen ...
I've heard this one before: Does this photograph and shocking new evidence solve Rendlesham UFO mystery once and for all?

I don't recall any of the witnesses seeing or hearing any helicopters. I would also think that they could tell the difference between a helicopter and something else, especially something as out of the ordinary as the craft that was described. Of course, if all that was just a cover story for the recovery operation, then we'd expect to get a distorted account that includes a UFO, but has Colonel halt changed his story? I don't think so. Here's something from 2019:

Retired US Air Force Colonel blasts claims that SAS pranksters were behind Britain's biggest UFO mystery


Paranormal Maven
Unfortunately both those sources are British tabloid newspapers notorious for poor research or just making stuff up, although the Daily Express story does seem quite close to Professor Simon's version. As a past BBC researcher myself, I was always told to endevour to get a story from the original source. We all know newspapers are untrustworthy...

The SAS prank story has been well and truly unpicked by researcher and journalist Dr David Clarke here: Who Dares Wins?: Britain’s Roswell meets the SAS

I don't think we are really much closer to explaining what really happened as there are still too many obvious loose ends. Like Roswell, this will run and run as far too many people have vested interests or have built a reputation on the incident.


Folks don't play silly sods at Nuclear Storage areas and more likely be shot. Yes cases of accounts folks being busted drunk on duty. These folks would be busted down a few ranks. Bentwaters Case is legit and just check the radar contacts at the six weeks period and civil aircraft sightings over other airspace.