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Remote viewing & UFOs : CIA index + 92,010 PDF pages


Paranormal Maven
Some interesting people in murky parts of the history of ufology (including several members of the Aviary) are linked together (at least in part) by their participation in official government studies of remote viewing. I’ve therefore spent a significant amount of time considering remote viewing literature and associated government documents).

To help anyone else going down the remote-viewing rabbit-hole as part of their UFO research (or, for that matter, just interested in remote viewing for its own sake), I thought I'd share a few tools. These tools include a 92,010 page searchable PDF archive of the remote viewing material released by the CIA and (as importantly, at least in my experience…) a hyperlinked version of the CIA's index of that huge archive to help locate material.

In short, you can

(1) Browse the hyperlinked index as a spreadsheet on Google Sheets (which can be used online or downloaded in various formats):
stargate - cia index isaackoi - online links - Google Sheets

(2) Download a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet version of the hyperlinked index with links to the online documents which you can download here:
http://www.isaackoi.com/documents/stargate/stargate - cia index isaackoi - online links.xlsm

or (my preferred format, as some of you know…) a searchable PDF version of the same hyperlinked index here:
http://www.isaackoi.com/documents/stargate/stargate - cia index isaackoi - online links.pdf

(3) Download the entire 92,010 page PDF archive as a single 3.2 GB file entitled “STARGATE_FULL.zip” here:

OR you can download individual CDs from the list at the link below if you do not want the full collection:
Index of /zipped/documents/stargate

(4) Download a a hyperlinked Excel spreadsheet which links to copies of the documents after you download them to your hard-drive here:
http://www.isaackoi.com/documents/stargate/stargate - cia index isaackoi - harddrive links.xlsm

which is MUCH faster to use (but of course you have to download the rather large PDF archive in order to get the full benefit of this version of the spreadsheet…).

I've posted details and a related discussion elsewhere. I'm a bit hesitant to post a link to another forum so the Moderators here should feel free to delete the link and outline below. As I've said in the past, I don't want to appear to be posting spam. (The key is really the document collection, with the outline above giving the core information I thought might be of interest to some of you here - so the bit below is not essential. I hope you can understand why I don't want to spend the time reformatting it to post the same material here.).

The more detailed outline I've posted at ATS is at:
Remote viewing & UFOs : Stargate, Galactic Federation + the Aviary (CIA index + 92,010 PDF pages), page 1

That item includes:

Section A : Introduction

Section B : Project Stargate – Background

Section C : Project Stargate – PDF archive and index

Section D : Other free remote viewing PDF resources
Section D1 : British Ministry of Defence study
Section D2 : Paul Smith’s PhD dissertation
Section D3 : Eight Martinis remote viewing magazine

Section E : The UFO Connection - Introduction

Section F : The UFO Connection - UFO material in remote viewing files released by CIA
Section F1 : Rendlesham Forest incident
Section F2 : Cash-Landrum sighting
Section F3 : Carl Higdon’s sighting
Section F4 : Cattle mutilation
Section F5 : "MARS, 1 MILLION BC"
Section F6 : "Galactic Federation Headquarters"
Section F8 : Fleeting impression of a UFO
Section F9 : Underwater "flying saucer"[/headline]
Section F10 : "ET Bases" on Earth

Section G : The UFO Connection - Remote Viewers within ufology
Section G1 : Pat Price - Alien bases on Earth
Section G2 : Skip Atwater - Project 8200
Section G3 : Ed Dames - Early public link between UFOs and remote viewing
Section G4 : Uri Geller - Powers from "Spectra"
Section G5 : Ingo Swann - Penetration and barely covered alien bosoms
Section G6 : Joe McMoneagle - UFO sighting in 1965
Section G7 : Lyn Buchanan – Alien abduction (1960s)
Section G8 : Courtney Brown - Hale-Bopp and Heaven’s Gate
Section G9 : Livermore group – Tiny UFO
Section G10 : Mel Riley - Mars
Section G11 : Paul Smith – Mars

Section H : The UFO Connection - Other individuals involved in both ufology and remote viewing
Section H1 : Jacques Vallee (SRI, "Aviary", NIDS)
Section H2 : Hal Puthoff (NSA, SRI, "Aviary", NIDS, UFO Working Group)
Section H3 : Kit Green (CIA, "Aviary", UFO Working Group)
Section H4 : Ron Pandolfi (CIA, "Aviary", UFO Working Group)
Section H5 : John Alexander (US Army, "Aviary", PSI-TECH, NIDS, UFO Working Group)
Section H6 : Dale Graff (DIA, "Aviary")
Section H7 : C B Scott Jones (US Navy, "Aviary")
Section H8 : Major General Albert N. Stubblebine III (US Army, PSI-TECH)
Section H9 : Robert Wood (McDonnell Douglas, UFO Working Group)
Section H10 : Edgar Mitchell (Astronaut, NIDS)
Section H11 : Robert Bigelow (NIDS)
Section H12 : Jim Marrs (Researcher/author)
Section H13 : Jim Schnabel (Researcher/author)
Section H14 : Russell Targ (SRI)

Section I : Conclusion

Burnt State

Paranormal Adept
from ats to the birds to the mind mapping people to the forensic parapsychology experiment proposal...more jaunts down avenues that all lead to oblivion.


Paranormal Adept
Issac, your posted info is indeed thought provoking. Is it accessible on the CIA website, or was it sourced elsewhere ?


Paranormal Maven
Issac, your posted info is indeed thought provoking.


Is it accessible on the CIA website, or was it sourced elsewhere ?

Some of the documentation is available via the CIA's website. The documents were pulled together in a series of CDs released by the CIA - but as TIFF image files rather than searchable PDF files. (The introduction to my piece includes further details of sources and what has, and hasn't, been available elsewhere previously).


Paranormal Adept
Section G6 : Joe McMoneagle - UFO sighting in 1965

He is supposed to be one of the greatest RV still living from the original RV experiments. From C2C: "He became one of the original Intelligence Officers recruited for the top-secret Army program now known as STARGATE. Following his retirement from the Army, he maintained his association with the STARGATE program through his own company, Intuitive Intelligence Applications, working as a remote viewing consultant to the Cognitive Sciences Laboratories at SRI-International and Science Applications International Corporation until the programs closure in November of 1995."

This guy claims to have been 100% accurate on nuclear targets he was assigned to RV.

I wonder what that means exactly?

RV was a failure, because it was only able to work between 10%-20% of the time with trained experts. Also, what really was considered "a hit" on a remote target to be considered accurate AND useful information is probably highly debatable, imo.

Just search: Coast to Coast July 4th 2015 on youtube to listen to the show.
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Paranormal Adept
RV was a failure, because it was only able to work between 10%-20% of the time with trained experts.

I wouldn't say RV was/is a 'failure'. Someone writing in the Old Testament (maybe the New Testament, i'm not an expert) wrote that "we see but through a glass darkly." Wallace Stevens, poet of consciousness, writes that "the way through the world is more difficult to find / Than the way beyond it," and concentrates on "the intricacies of appearance when perceived" -- concerning even our ordinary phenomenological experience in the world. It sometimes seems to me that our species as a whole is only at the beginning of exploring and developing human consciousness, but there have been gifted exceptions throughout our recorded history. Such individuals can't ignore their abilities to receive information anomalously. Some not so gifted (somehow) by nature can develop the latent abilities they possess, and perhaps all of us possess these latent abilities. Ingo Swann wrote brilliantly and at length about this subject, was himself gifted with anomalous perception from childhood, and used his life to explore and develop his own and others' 'para'-normal capabilities.

Since these capacities and capabilities have evolved in nature, and can be developed through training and discipline by some individuals, I think we must take them very seriously as aspects of what consciousness and mind are -- still a mystery but one we can make progress toward understanding.


Paranormal Adept
[through] a glass darkly
According to Redfern that is the name that the hacker used to communicate with those he hacked in the slide mummy fraud and/or hoax.

I should have clarified my meaning better about using the "failure" word. Meaning, the government discontinued the program, and McMoneagle is certain it was never initiated again in secret programs since its cancellation.

The fact some trained experts did hit r-targets better than random chance certainly has implications for RV talents that are not easily explained how this happens with definitive understanding. Also, using RV to find missing persons, etc. seems to have worked in some cases, so it certainly could be a very useful tool, especially, when there are no other options to get that information.

What struck me is his statement that he was 100% accurate regarding RV nuclear targets. IF that is true, then why was the program shut down??? That makes ZERO sense to me. I can only conclude he is making an outlandish statement without adding the details that would completely diminish its apparent value, or he is willfully misleading the listeners for some reason(s).

Btw, he does sometimes teach classes how to RV. He says it takes about 5-6 years of consistent training and working at doing RV for most people to become accomplished at RV whatever that means. That seems to be nearing a full time job, so very few people will be willing to do that unless paid.

I'm sure there must be some people that have a natural talent for this RV, so it would be a very worthy undertaking to find and identify such people for many reasons. Who might be doing that already??? I suspect people like Bigelow, Billionares, Power Hungry Corporations, Top Secret MIC programs inside and outside government. ETC.

Someone by now must have found some of these RV people??? Now, this would make for a great novel or movie, etc.
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Robert Baird

Paranormal Maven
Hmmm. Just had a message ready to go and was shunted off my browser for a moment.

Ingo was visited a short time before his project was cancelled - by people he did not know and no one would tell him anything about. One of his top viewers told me her card was in the wallet of another top viewer who was killed near the Canadian border in the Prairies. The authorities called her and she told them nothing because she felt the program was cancelled by the very forces I dealt with on the site which became a primary site for my research. As a member of that site she eventually wanted five of us to join her on her farm in Texarkana to do something I thought would work combining the work of Howard Gardner on learning styles which I think mirrors personality and brain typology, with the other work I have presented at this site addressing the World Mind, Earth Computer, Pyramids etc. It was one of many places my research efforts gained traction while MSN communities still flourished before flaming ended them and social twaddle became the new bubonic plague (eubonics). Some things known for millennia are not yet allowed to be fully brought out of the shadows. I will help make it possible if there are people willing to work.
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Paranormal Adept
RTB, you have an amazing record of connections with uniquely "connected people" throughout your lifetime. You should do a thread on that alone, as it would be most interesting to follow along that maze of historical understanding with the interesting people you've been in with obtaining that mysterious inside information and knowledge. It is truly extraordinary.

I assume you must know your computer, internet connection, and any online email will certainly be targeted by the PTB. IMO.

Robert Baird

Paranormal Maven
I did a book mirroring Gurdjieff's Meetings with Remarkable Men except I deal with more women than men. It is called People on the Path. I have been targeted as a subversive by Scientology in the past - does that count. They might have me back on their list since I returned to the web this year in February. They have worked with secret agencies on both sides of all conflicts and all conflicts are managed by the same people - so yes, I know what you are talking about.

Still, I support the shadowy Elders and Illuminati because they actually DO something and offer humanity a way to become free if humanity is willing to learn. I am even a tool for that in their quiver perhaps - they have tried to recruit me at least four times through different outreaches of theirs. Be that as it may BE, here or in the hereafter. I YAM wut I Yam.

BTW you can add drug cartels to your list of those who use occult means to infiltrate and manipulate - your Brain Trust stuff. One of the most effective means of remote viewing is possession - taught by all nature worship religions for at least a million years. I just started a thread titled Exorcisms which is where the 'possession' type of Remote Viewing often ends, but does not have to if people with power were really interested in RIGHT THOUGHT.
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