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Remember the Movie, "Enemy of the State"?


quelling chaos since 2352BC
At the end of the day, every device that is human or network connected can be hacked. It's a simple math problem that describes the impossibility of perfect security.

I did the math once in university... I think it's impossible to write software beyond 10 lines or so without some kind of flaw or unanticipated side effect.


Paranormal Maven
Well actually there is a whole school of science to prove or disprove computer programs correct.

For much of so called "flight software", this is actually done. For example there is a subset of Ada language called SPARK, that is meant to be proven. And yes, it goes way over 10 lines!

But the reality is that you do this only for the most hard-core inner-loop control. You run this code in bare-metal, no operating system. There are no proven multitasking kernels.

Bottom line is that its super expensive, and often not worth the effort. You do all other stuff in normal Linux way these days, running a normal processes.

Sorry if this was too technical, just ask and I'll elaborate.