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Real Ghost Caught On Mobile Phone



Even If I am a minority of one, truth is still the truth.

Even If I am a minority of one, truth is still the truth.

Aaron LeClair

Paranormal Maven
I seen something that looked like a skeleton face at 21 seconds. But it was obviously due to sun glare and/or the pixelation of youtube. It was just like seeing a face in the clouds. I'm not saying that is what you saw, just what I saw:)

I can't wait til the quality of youtubes vids improves.

Aaron LeClair

Paranormal Maven
idontunderstand said:
I cant see the ghost :(

Heres the frame from 20 seconds

From the center, look right, toward the edge to see a floating "face". It's due to pixelation though. At least in part. The face has the same colors as the trees etc.

You can usually see a face anywhere if you try hard enough. Actually, even if you don't.


Skilled Investigator

Wasn't trying to rain on your parade. I just couldn't see the ghost you was talking about. Its not that I'm a skeptic, believer, agnostic, I just couldn't see it. But on further looking I can see the face.

Does that mean its a real objective entity, or pixelation/trees. I dont know. The point is you have experienced something, and you know the truth of the matter.

My mother has seen a floating head in her bedroom, hows that for weird!

David Biedny

Paranormal Adept
Gwops did indeed send me the clip, and I've been wanting to talk to him about it, but I've been really wrapped up in analyzing O'Hare photos with Jeff Ritzmann, and now I'm off to be an animator for a couple of days (a theatrical production of Grapes of Wrath, and I'll buried in production work for the next 48 hours). Gwops, I promise I'll be in touch later this week, probably Wednesday, and we'll go through the footage. Thanks for your patience!



Paranormal Novice
Thankyou Gwops, for sharing this experience.

I see not only the face (was the first thing I saw) but also the transparent figure of a man in a black coat, with a white shirt and black, long tie, whom is standing slightly behind a tree to the left of the face....

He reminds me of John F. Kennedy... same features, so that's probably what brings him to my mind... he's wearing dark sunglasses...

and this face, that seems to hover in mid air... has strong cat features to me.


I've shown this clip to several friends, and they each see the face immediately, and when I point it out, the man in the black coat... but they've pointed out to me many faces, animals even, all through this picture.
One person told me that she sees old buildings there, also.


way to go, Gwops!
and thanks again, for sharing.


Paranormal Novice
A.LeClair said:
From the center, look right, toward the edge to see a floating "face". It's due to pixelation though.
I think I see the one you are talking about, right hand side of the picture, I circled it. The one that is interesting to me though is at the top of the screen where the trees come together to form a face kind of like an american indian.


Moshi Dayan

Skilled Investigator
I believe you Gwops, in fact I see TOO much in those spooky old woods.
Look from center to your left and down a bit...see the figure in the hooded robe? The squiggle at center going to the right seems to spell out in golden letters "Tony V".
Many faces can be implied by the YouTube compression, and the fact that those are some very spooky woods indeed...I can find a number of faces, figures, a cross, and I'm not sure, but I thought I could just make out a bigfoot flipping me the bird.
I'd recommend carrying a garlic clove, a cross, some Holy water, a 9mm pistol, and some porn next time you walk out that way.
The garlic, cross, Holy water, and pistol might not stop whatever chases ya, but I have it on good authority spooks, aliens, ghosts, and bullies will all stop to look at the porn.
Thank you for sharing with us!

Moshi Dayan

Skilled Investigator
I wasn't kidding Gwops, there are a lot of implied figures in the woods, especialy if one is doing a "step through" or frame by frame analysis.
Artists and people who are artisticaly inclined often see faces and things in everything from woodgrain to typing paper....does anybody except me still use a typewriter? I've got a WWII vintage underwood...still works great.

My comments about bigfoot, garlic, crosses, holy water, a 9mm pistol and porn were not meant to cast doubt on the video. I absolutely believe you filmed something anomolous.

I truly find the video very interesting, and quite difficult to explain.


there is nothing on this mobile fone footage but trees lol,even if the person viewing it is a "sceptic" or not,you seem to be using that as a diversion.every point you put across on here that i read so far i hear you talking about non believers and really you cant blame people for not believing if you are always defending your posts.this site seems to be more of a net version of "lets all sit round the fire and tell ghost stories".seems like some one has got you all spooked out and you are really out of your depth.what you want to believe is what you want to believe son but the fact that you are trying to get everyone else to agree sort of makes me feel deep down you need to be convinced.if this stuff is all true then why arent you just happy to accept it instead of having to come on the net? if you know what you saw then thats all that matters but to be honest the net is full of people looking to just argue and make themselves feel "noticed".the quality of this is so bad then if anything is seen that is paranormal then its pure luck or the brain is making these images out as a "face" (if that is the case) as our brains are hardwired to do that to make out faces.by the way i am open minded but my eyes tell me what i see and thats trees! pmsl