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Reading old books....

Greg M

Skilled Investigator
I have just finished reading an old timer of a book " the flying saucers are real", by Donald Keyhoe. It was very hard at first to read, because I was the "future", reading the past. I think it's obvious, that the general populations base knowledge , is greater than it was for the average person of the fifties ( just based on the fact that I read my book on a Sony e-book, that I had to connect to my lap top , so I could down load a paperless book ( those in the fifties wouldn't believe it was possible, and the average person wouldn't have understood it).
But, I digress. Reading this book, really helped to explain the back ground info, that I doubt he would have gotten today.
One thing I came away, as my own interpretation , was that as societies grew and developed, there was an increase of UFO activity during the initial growth. If that is accepted as fact, then there should be a new ufo activity with countries that are now coming into their own , and developing rapidly. It should also be true, that we should be able to get your selves positioned to spot/ plot/ chart an increase in UFO activity , by being in the " next" to develop area before it gets it's growth spurt.
Now, since there has been increasing tension between North and South Korea....an escalation of arms/ nuclear ability (?), shouldn't there typically be UFO activity there? And what about Iran, if it's true that their nuclear reactors have been infected with a serious virus, shouldn't there be a possible increase in activity?