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RARE “UFOs : A History” booklets by Loren Gross now on SOHP website (10,000+ PDF pages)

Discussion in 'The UFO Forum' started by IsaacKoi, Jul 21, 2015.

  1. IsaacKoi

    IsaacKoi Paranormal Adept

    Dec 24, 2006
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    The “UFOS : A History” collection of 100+ booklets were written by Loren Gross as a labour of love over many years, sourcing material from some of the best and brightest in historical UFO research (including Jan Aldrich, Barry Greenwood and many others).

    These booklets by Loren Gross are “delightfully written” and “_the_ source for material gleaned from contemporaneous accounts of UFO events” (according to Karl Pflock in the “Saucer Smear” newsletter in May 1999). Jan Aldrich’s excellent Project 1947 website states that:

    Most of these booklets were sent by Loren Gross to a very select circulation list of UFO researchers and have rarely been sold. When I refer to these booklet as “RARE”, well, I really mean that. I’m not sure that a single person here in England qualified for the select circulation list for his series of booklets… Although (as some of you may have noticed!) I have accumulated quite a lot of UFO material over the years, until recently I had only managed to obtain a small handful of those valuable booklets.

    Thankfully, Tom Tulien has been working hard to make these booklets more readily available to me (er, I mean to everyone…) by making them freely available on his Sign Oral History Project website – with the kind permission of Loren Gross:
    UFOs: A History / The Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse | Sign Oral History Project

    For those of you that don’t know about him, Tom Tulien is a UFO researcher in the USA, probably best known for his detailed research on the events at Minot Air Force Base on 24 October 1968:
    The Minot AFB UFO case | 24 OCTOBER 1968 | Documents | Interviews | Analysis

    During the last week, Tom Tulien has filled in some gaps in his collection and uploaded the final booklets to his SOHP website. To help make it easier for me to download the entire series (er, I mean for everyone to download them…), I asked Tom to make the booklets available with a single click – resulting in him helpfully arranging the uploading of the 1.3Gb zip file below:

    This long series of booklets contain LOTS of quotes from (and quite a few images of) contemporaneous newspaper articles and official documents. The coverage of contemporaneous sources is much more detailed than you will find in almost any UFO book.

    The booklets are also very well referenced. They contain LOTS of endnotes, most of which are to newspaper articles and official documents (avoiding the tendency of some UFO books merely to cite other UFO books, passing on inaccurate and hoaxed information).

    Of course, some of the newspaper items quoted (and some of the official documents…) contain inaccuracies – not to mention the inconsistencies between some of the numerous newspaper items and the official documents - but these booklets get you MUCH closer to the relevant primary sources than most of the UFO literature.
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  2. Sentry

    Sentry Paranormal Adept

    Mar 2, 2011
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    Thanks, Isaac for spreading the word on this. I'd long come across references to Gross' histories in UFO texts, but was frustrated not to be able to find the material. Having this to work with is outstanding, and since it is so well sourced, I've often been able to track down the original for additional material.

    Not everyone will be interested in all of the material, but I urge anyone with an interest in older cases to seek out Gross' coverage of the time of your target cases. It's fascinating to read the original news coverage and what people were saying about things at the time.
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  3. uforadio

    uforadio Paranormal Adept

    Sep 11, 2007
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  4. DissectionStalker

    DissectionStalker Paranormal Adept

    Jul 6, 2014
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    Still on Planet Earth Hopefully
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