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Psychic Detective cases reviewed


Paranormal Adept
I just watched an old "Sightings" episode about a child murder in 1979, where the murderer had not been identified when the episode was broadcast (which must have been around 1992). The (rather harrowing) case starts at 39:40.

According to the police sergeant interviewed in the episode, a psychic had given them accurate descriptions of where to look for the body.

In the episode, the psychic then has a police artist draw a portrait from her descriptions of the man she perceives to be the killer (best pause the video at 47:10 to get a good look and compare with the foto in the link below).

She also makes the statement that he probably had killed another child since, had a wife or a girlfriend who was afraid of him and was about 5 foot 9 of height.

So I googled the case and found that finally in 2009, DNA traces seem to have led to the identification of the killer:

Fresno Police Solve 30 Year-Old Murder of Victoria De Santiago - True Crime Report - Strange But True Crime Stories from Across America.

If you compare the police drawing with the foto, they do look alike (especially if you imagine the hair being still dark). Sadly, the articles don't mention other details, like the bodily height of the murderer. He seems to have been arrested (and sentenced to death actually, but he obiously had not been executed by 2009) for the murder of two teenagers back in 1980, which is the year after the case in the Sightings episode. This would make the psychic's intuition in the episode, that he had killed again, correct (although she said "another child", not "two teens").

If anyone has any insights about this or the other statements by the psychic (like the height of the suspect or his alleged wife), please post them here. And if anyone has similar "updates" on cases like this, regardless of verification or falsification of the psychic claims, please definitely post them here. Just to see if we could verify or falsify some of these claims made in TV programmes years ago, when these cases were still open.

Strange, but maybe not surprising: while I googled the case and the new findings, I noticed that in most sites, neither the psychic nor the Sightings episode are mentioned. For example, most articles state that Victoria Desantiago's body had been found in an irrigation trench, but nowhere (except probably on the "fringy" sites) does it say that it was found as a direct result of a psychic's information (as the police sergeant claims in the Sightings episode).
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