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Professor Brian Cox Tries to Debunk Ghosts

He could be right or he could be wrong that's the 'unknown ' . Every science topic is a theory and should be question unless it's a closed shop. In the end Science came out of religion like it or not . Famous , Albert Enstien a religious fellow who believe both could exist and has Professor Cox been to every alleged haunted area where Ghost sightings have been witneesed. When US and others official documents suggest 'Unkown' is real including UAPs (that scientist have already ridicule the two authors about UAP report of being urologists thus biaist its the same worn road ) and all scientist have links to official authorities through universities and corporations in funding including those in the UFO field there is a greyzone.


Paranormal Maven
Well this young man (about my age that is), is super boring, and he is really bad talking anything new. Probably OK lecture on astronomy though.