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Polymorphic UFO near Kursk, 1991-1992


Paranormal Novice
So, this is not the most impressive UFO sighting, but as you don't have many forum posters outside of US & Canada, I decided to post it.

This happened in the summer of 1991 or 1992, which I spent - as a little kid sent away from the big city for the summer - in my grandmother's birthplace, a small village near Kursk. It's in the southern european portion of Russia, not that far from the border with Ukraine, and around 200 kilometers away from Voronezh - the place of the most famous 'soviet close encounter' covered in one of the older Paracast episodes (in wich they call Voronezh "Voronz-eh" throughout the epispode :) ).
Anyway, it was broad daylight, I was outside with 2 other kids when we saw a stationary object far away across the fields near the horizon - I don't remember it clearly, but it was probably smaller than a thumb on the outstretched hand, maybe the size of the fingernail. It had a shape of overturned bowl (part of the hemisphere with completely flat underside), uniform gray matt color (not metallic or shiny or glittering in any way). I remember that it was me who first noticed it and said "Look, a UFO!". It's peculiar because I don't think I had a good understanding of what a UFO is/was -- you have to understand that there wasn't anywhere near the same cultural background for the phenomenon as in the US. It stayed completely still as we watched it for about 10 minutes, but what it did is change form: it slowly flattened -- the upper hemisphere losing its' hump, until it became just a short length of a straght line so to speak - or a very-very thin rectangle. Then it just blinked out of existence (not shot at incredible speed across the sky, just disappeared). We (or at least I) weren't freaked out at all, but instead very excited and rather agitated - as you can understand 7 year old kids could be.

By the way, the polymorphic aspect - changing the form of the flying object - is very common detail of russian sightings, at least if you believe the stories gathered by Vladimir Azhazha in his books.