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Polterguest - SPOOKED family claim they are living in fear


Skilled Investigator
This linked story contains an interesting video which made me wonder if there are many other clips of this kind of thing.....


A SPOOKED family claim they are living in fear after filming terrifying footage of a poltergeist moving a chair across a bedroom.

Scared Lisa Manning and her kids Ellie, 11, and Jaydon six, say they have had their lives made a misery by supernatural goings-on at their home.

They claim to have seen pots and pans being thrown violently round the kitchen, blinds moving up and down on their own and lights being switched on and off.

Last week they said they were even forced to escape their house in terror through a window when their living room door LOCKED itself.

The family have resorted to wearing crucifixes given to them by a priest since capturing the video footage of a chair moving by ITSELF in little Ellie's bedroom.

Carer Lisa, 34, shot the spooky film two weeks ago after putting hidden cameras in the family's home in Holbrooks, Coventry, West Mids.

The 52-second clip shows a wardrobe door opening before a pink swivel chair moves slowly backwards towards the wall.

Lisa, who lives with her partner Anthony, 25, in the house, said she feels like she is "living in a scary movie".

And she revealed they had even resorted to calling on a real-life Ghostbuster to expel the spirit.

She added: "One medium came in and said our house is a portal, a kind of bus stop for spirits, which they use to pass into our world.

"I set up the video camera because I wanted to prove the ghost exists.

"I couldn't believe it when I played the tape back, it sent chills up my spine.

"We called our landlords and they sent in a priest who blessed the house but said himself that we shouldn't live here, we definitely shouldn't stay.

"He gave us all small crucifixes which we carry at all times in the house.

"The problem is because we can't see it, we don't know where it's going to be or what it's going to do.

"This is a horror house. It's like living in a scary movie. The worst thing about it is, even I can't believe what's happening myself."

Lisa said she first became suspicious when her children started complaining about hearing noises and seeing objects move on their own.

But her fears were raised when she discovered the family dog mysteriously lying injured at the bottom of the stairs.

She said: "No one was in the house at the time. I took him to the vet but he died. The vet told me later his injuries were consistent with being shoved."

Lisa is now begging her landlord, Whitefriars, to re-house her family.

She claims last week the spooky antics got even worse, with lights flickering on and off and footsteps being heard at night.

Last Wednesday the family were so scared they even hid in the living room and were forced to escape out the window after the door was mysteriously blocked.

Lisa said: "Ellie tried to open the door and shouted at Anthony to stop pulling it to stop her from getting out.

"She didn't realise he was right behind her.

"We all tried to open the door but it was stuck as though someone had put their weight behind it. In the end we got out through the window."

Ellie said: "I'm scared to go home and I don't like to go upstairs on my own."

Whitefriars say they are advising Lisa on applying for a new home.

Area service manager Dave Round said: "We sympathise with Miss Manning and have been supporting her with the issues she has been experiencing.

"We first met with Miss Manning in January and our staff have listened to her concerns in a sensitive manner.

"In February, after detailed discussions between Miss Manning and our staff, we agreed to arrange for a priest to attend the property, at her request.

"We have offered advice and support to Miss Manning on the options available to her for applying to move home and we are happy to continue to do this."


Paranormal Adept
Did they leave "trace" landing marks or bits of metal? That constitutes absolute proof for some people around here. Oh wait that's for Spaceman Spiff. Never mind! :p


Paranormal Adept
My gut feeling is they are faking this so's to be relocated.

The vets statement doesnt add up either, the dog was found at the bottom of the stairs, its injurys would be consistant with a fall, how the vet can say it was "shoved" seems a bit fishy


Sanity is a default
I've never quite understood the "portal" scenario. So, these spirits,once trapped in the ether now gain access to all of Earth and apparently opt to spend their time mucking about in cheap homes? Why not move on and visit Machu Picchu or the Taj Mahal, or the set of Mad Men for crying out loud?


Skilled Investigator
I always wondered if these poltergeists could be made to haunt a generator. Instead of moving chairs and furniture around, slamming doors, flipping light switches, throwing dishes, and generally making a nuissance of themselves, put them to work!
Here's the plan. Install a ~1 kilowatt (variable, depending on degree of paranormal activity in area) generator in the house. Lead electrical wires from the generator to the local grid. Get a local exorcist to start chanting "The power of Christ compells you" over and over to get the the spirits to comply, and start turning that generator!
Presto! Everybody's happy. Poltergeists get to haunt. Family enjoys peace & quiet and makes money selling electricity. And it's an ECOFriendly source of power!


Skilled Investigator
I've lived in two places with "activity" as in weird stuff going on... I might say it was me if it were not for the fact that other people have made observations about these places.

Maybe it's real maybe the family wants to relocate.. we won't know the truth till someone legit goes to investigate.. and we know how that usually works.


With all these haunted houses we are reading about here and on other forums, why is it that the ghost shows on TV are never at a place with actual ghosts?