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Politics & The CIC/Prez


J. Randall Murphy
Note: This was posted before reading the above post by Gene. Follow-up conversation if anyone is interested. This particular podcast tends to be critical about the US involvement in The Ukraine war. Are they just spewing Russian disinformation? Or are the dispelling NATO disinformation?

It's WORSE than they're telling you in Ukraine​

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J. Randall Murphy
OK, here are some ground rules. No videos unless you provide a paragraph with which to describe them.
This is an improvement. However it isn't going to be as simple as we'd both like. This all began with you censoring my content on COVID issues. I'm still very active in that arena. If we cannot get that sorted out, the rest isn't going to matter much.

On posting videos along with commentary: I can't guarantee I'll think it's necessary. I might prefer that we both consider the video for what it's worth with respect to the issue at hand and discuss it afterwards.
And Randall, I want you to start responding to at least some of the links I provide that refute the stuff you post, or open up new topics.
I'll respond when I start to see evidence that my responses will stay intact. Trust is going to take time to regain. You also need to understand that I've already been through literally hundreds of papers, podcasts, news articles, as well as have personal experience, so for the most part, I'm done trying to explain it to people. If they can't see it for themselves by now, they're mostly a lost cause, but because of our past association before the censorship began, I will make an exception — if you're serious.
So it's fair to characterize some things Biden says as misleading or an outright lie. He is, after all, a politician with over 50 years experience.
Okay — we agree on that. However it also gets more fine grained than that.
But when you do that, it's fair to compare the winner among political liars in the U.S.:
I recognize that there are problems that span the political spectrum. I'm still no fan of Trump either. People often assume that because I'm anti-lockdown & restrictions and anti-vaccine mandate, that I must be a Trump fan. That's not likely to ever happen. But I dislike Biden even more — and I didn't even think that was possible.

So to move forward — I'll invite you to start a private conversation with me on this — with a view to talking again and establishing a plan that will work for us both. There's a war going on, not just in The Ukraine, but also for civil liberties around the world, and if we can get ourselves onto the same side, we can reach others out there.
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Gene Steinberg

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And for those who say that Hunter Biden, who never worked for his dad in public office, is somehow a danger to the security of the United States of America, let's look at the Trump family, two members of which did work for their dad when he was President: