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Please help me identify this strange unnerving pteradactyl-like sound

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Paranormal Adept
Yesterday, while walking the dog, I heard this horrible screaming from across the field. At first, I thought it was a woman screaming, but then with some repetition, it sounded like what I would expect a pteradactyl to sound like. Perhaps a mild version of the ring-wraiths from Lord of the Rings would give you a sense of what it sounded and felt like.

It freaked me out, but all my dog did was look intently in that direction. Other than that, she didn't bark like she would normally do so when hearing a strange noise. She wasn't scared though and didn't seem to pay it much mind.

Since the sound was unnerving, I skidaddled back inside very quickly.

I'm pretty sure there is an ordinary expanation to it, but I'm curious if anyone has any ideas what that could be. I live in central NJ in a rural area in front of a preserve. The sound came from across a large field (where corn or sod is planted yearly by local farmers) away from the preserve.

Thanks for any insight anyone might provide into this.


FeralNormal master
Perhaps an escaped peacock or sandhill cranes? Out here in California we are seeing wildlife not usually seen in these parts including many sightings of blue footed boobies. Maybe you should contact your local Audubon society and see if they're is any traffic patterns of migratory birds not endemic to your area.

Mind you I never watched Lotr, so I have no idea of what this sound you are describing actually sounds like but I have heard both these birds and they make quite a racket.
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Paranormal Adept
Thanks everyone for your replies. I think Mike's fox is the closest to what I heard. It sounds like some variant of that as I know we have foxes in the area.


Paranormal Adept
During my meditation sessions, I would travel to the past and in a few cases, I was able to go back many million of years. I've seen and heard things that no person should see, one of which was a pteradactyl.


piscator ψ
I would also suggest a fox I am not sure how similar the behaviour is between foxes where I live (in England) and where you are, but October/November is the time of year when the Vixen sends the cubs off to fend for themselves which can lead to noisy conflicts over territory.
"In October – the fox family group begins to break up and the young foxes leave to find their own territory."*

*((source)) Information about fox cubs - FAQ - - rspca.org.uk


FeralNormal master
So I found this YouTube video of Fox calls, did this strange sound anything like any of these calls?

I have to say that the vixen's call could be pretty unnerving in the middle of a dark woody area if you didn't know your local wildlife.

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Gene Lionberg

Skilled Investigator
In the evenings I sometimes work in a field adjacent to a sizable fox den. I have never been inside the den but I hear it's nicer than expected from my cousin who once worked with me. My cousin and I were both very familiar with that sound; Stravinsky was right, there is immeasurable discord in the audible musings of nature. My cousin greatly enjoyed the shrieking of the fox, I learned to abhor it. My cousin is no longer with us, I still go the field.