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Personal experiences

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Paranormal Novice
So had many weird experiences, growing up in a haunted house, lots of ghostly footsteps, very scary parts of the house where it would be hard to even look up from the ground, in other places we would run because we felt something was chasing us. Things would go missing, dog would suddenly attack an empty space and then run off with its tail between its legs. etc etc. As i got older and moved house a few times it changed a bit, we would see occasional flashes of light around us, very strange black object flying through the house, saw a silent red ball of light that dissapeared. There's lots of things that have happened and some sound pretty out there. This has only left me hugely curious about what it all is, and at the same time it's not the kind of subject you can share easily, ie most people would think your either making it up or just crazy, either way they're not interested . So would be cool to talk about this stuff with people who are interested.


Paranormal Novice
In years gone by i have posted my experiences in detail(at another website), but it never got me anywhere so i hesitate to do it again. I don't think we have a shortage of stories, rather cold hard data. I know my above post is a bit vague and i was planning to go into detail, but im wondering what's the point?


quelling chaos since 2352BC
In years gone by i have posted my experiences in detail(at another website), but it never got me anywhere so i hesitate to do it again. I don't think we have a shortage of stories, rather cold hard data. I know my above post is a bit vague and i was planning to go into detail, but im wondering what's the point?
I agree with you.

What does adding another anecdote do for anybody?


Paranormal Adept
Why it is that one person can experience when others in the same proximity do not, and why is it that multiple individuals can share the same experience, and yet their recollections vary, as if their minds are hacked/altered at a fundamental level. Additionally, why is it that one individual will experience multiple times on different occasions?
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Paranormal Novice
One thing comes to mind. When i was young i shared a room with my brother, so we both heard the walking above our room hundreds of times. There was also a narrow staircase just outside our room that led to the attic, it was a terrifying place at times, the stuff of nightmares.
He used to pretend he was surrounded by lasers and guns (lol) to protect him. Whereas i seemed to always make myself vulnerable. Perhaps for the excitement of it, but id always know that 'it' would come and get me eventually. I tended to have a bunch of 'experiences' whereas he did not. I think it was just the fact that on some level i wanted it. I've always been interested in the idea of enlightenment, and i feel all this stuff has something to do with that.


Paranormal Novice
I am very intrigued and yet cautious about paranormal activity. It differs from person to person especially if you experience it as a child instead of as an adult. I grew up in what I wanted to think was a normal home in the county nothing to crazy. Plenty of woods and field surrounding the house. We would always find burnt children’s toys in the woods behind the house or box springs and such. I always felt something watching me and hear footsteps. I would ignore it but as I got older there was no ignoring it anymore. I was never personally attacked but my faith is very strong, always has been, my sister on the other hand was a different story. She was very blunt and rebellious back then and did something stupid and challenged it to show itself. Unfortunately for her that was a terrible mistake. I watched a strong willed girl turn into a paranoid child quite quickly. The next two years she lived there it made her life a living hell. Every night it would lay behind her and breath in her ear and on her neck. She would wake up with a black head and shoulders level to hers starting at her motionless till it would dart over her bed an through the wall. She was adamant about having her night light on at all times. Her last night in her room she felt brave and didn’t plug it in and laid down feeling confident. Not even within 5 minuets of her laying down it threw opened her closet doors, flew to the end of her bed and told her to get out. She ran to my room downstairs balling her eyes out. We loved with it for a few more years. It wasn’t until we were older that our father told us that when he bought the house there was 666 on the sheet rock on the walls, random jewelry under the carpet and in the walls. Another thing I thought was strange was the house burned down 2 separate times. Every couple that moved in would make it to 10 years of marriage and something would happen and the house would mysteriously burn down. My parents were the third couple to move into the house on that property. What struck me as strange was they were a happy couple till we lived there but shit hit the fan and they broke up after their 10th year of marriage and my mother moved out. It never burned down but it ruined my fathers life. He became very addicted to drugs and we lost everything including the house. I haven’t been there in 12 years but I know it’s very dark and oppressive. I drove by a year ago sad seeing once again another family move in. I drove by again a few months ago to see what looked like a nice family deteriorate. The house looked uncared for and the children’s playground out front was gone.

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