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Paranormal Activity

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Rudolf Steiner

Skilled Investigator
So this film is real? Months ago, the trolls of /x/ (4chan's "paranormal" board) use it for trolling people there. I thought it was a fake movie.


Skilled Investigator
It's gotten generally favorable reviews. The budget was only 11k. I'd go see it if not for the fact that the wife is a total fraidy cat and refuses to see it. It's supposed to be pretty creepy from the buzz I've heard.

Jose Collado

Skilled Investigator
I'll watch it. I love horror but it seems Hollywood has lost the ability to deliver horror with substance. Maybe the humble budget is an indication of a good story line. Who knows. I can only hope.

I'm eagerly awaiting Zombieland.

Rudolf Steiner

Skilled Investigator
Bah, Zombies are overrated, the only zombie flick like is White Zombie, the eyes of Lugosi are mesmerizing. I don't want a super pretentious intelectualoid film, I just want a effective horror movie, like the William Castle movies.


Skilled Investigator
Been watchin' the hype of this. I also thought it was some sort of joke or that it wouldn't be a scary movie, but some spoof movie or something.

As a fan of creepy, spooky (not gore nor evil posession types), (Favorite movie: The Changeling and that type).

I'm gonna go see it if it's in my area. Does look Blair-Witch-esque (Liked it the first couple times I saw it, then hated it).

Post your reviews, whoever sees it!


Paranormal Maven
Saw it at the Alamo Drafthouse. I can appreciate thoughtfully crafted, low-budget horror films. This one is fair, in my opinion. It's no 'Evil Dead' or 'Dead Alive'. If you liked 'Blair Witch', which I did, you'll dig it.
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Skilled Investigator
We saw it last night.

We liked Blair Witch Project better than this one.

It took too long in my opinion to build. The audience actually clapped (and screamed) at the ending. We did neither. I don't know if maybe we just weren't in good moods or what, but we wish we'd've waited to rent it on DVD. Even wished we coulda asked for a refund!

Definitely had some tiny moments of suspense, but not as much as Blair did, imo.

Hype! Everything's so frickin' HYPED in this world!


Paranormal Novice
I agree. Saw it, thought it was off to an interesting start, but then found myself mildly annoyed by the two leads. The selling point might be an interesting concept and amazingly thrifty execution (i.e., $11K), but that's not enough for me. I also felt somewhat let down by BLAIR WITCH.

However, I stopped watching TRANSFORMERS which cost tens of millions, so I am appreciative of people out there making low/no budget films that focus on story more than computer generated effects.

One movie I did like recently that combined an engaging story with some nice effects was DISTRICT-9. I think it cost $30 million (which is obviously a lot!)... the story/dialogue got pretty sappy/clichéd in the second half of the film, but I still enjoyed it overall.


Nothin' to see here
No offence to anyone that dug this film, but IMO it was fucking terrible.

Really, really shitty. Its main goal was obviously to scare, and it failed at that. I admit I wouldnt watch it alone, but thats not saying much though.


Skilled Investigator
Actually I went to this movie with my husband and one of my friends. My husband and I didn't think the movie was scary, but we were in a really crowded theater and the best part was watching everyone else squirm in their seat while we just sat there watching them more than the actual movie. It was hillarious. There were 3 very big muscled up men sitting right next to us who were jumping and squealing like little girls everytime anything happened and talking outloud to the screan. It's cute that some people can get sooo into it, but we couldn't. My friend had her hoodie almost completely tied shut and looked like Kenny. Her boyfriend completely refused to go with us because he said he said he knew he would have nightmares.


Skilled Investigator
So Gitter's scary, huh? Gonna check it out thanks!

I'm into movies like 'The Changeling' (1978 creepy, spooky haunted house type with George C. Scott).

I'm not into any gore, I'm sick of Ring's special effects now, so that stopped bein' scary after the first viewing of The Ring, I like SPOOK.

Any other suggestions appreciated.

Jose Collado

Skilled Investigator
One move that was low budget but was surprisingly spooky was a movie from the 90's. I thing it was called The Haunted. A family that move into a house and there's some kind of demon that attaches itself to them. They even go camping and it follows them. They eventually leave the house only to have it all start again. It was pretty cool but I've never been able to find it again.