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Paracast/Dark Matters


Staff member
Good morning you all. I know that you are probably already aware, but this Sunday (Aug. 9) The Paracast Radio show takes on a somewhat different tone.

Some time ago I suggested to Gene and David that I thought it would be fun, not to mention interesting, if the "worm turned" and they submitted to being interviewed. I have been toying in my mind about reviving Dark Matters Radio and starting the show back up. Yes, I am still "out of UFOs" but I have always said I still enjoy the topic and doing radio and interviewing folks in the field is still fascinating to me. Its not like I simply enjoy radio but have no knowledge of the subject, hell I have lots of knowledge of the subject. (And if I can boast just a little ... I think I still have insight and can smell out BS when I encounter it.) At anyrate, like any radio endeavor, you the audience will be the final judge on what takes place.

So on Sunday August 9th, sit back, relax and listen to me grill Gene and David, who knows when this might happen again? And as always, I am sure I will hear from you all when its over ..... ::)



Aussie Investigator
Really looking forward to someone asking "the hard questions" back... LOL 8)


Nothin' to see here
Well I just listened to the show, and it was very entertaining. Great job Don.

Now, start up Dark Matters Radio again! I really dig your interviewing style Don... and I think Im not alone in that (judging by the reaction to your old shows). Like the Paracast you dont take no shit, but you have a very different style and look at some different subjects.

I think theres room for y'all!


Staff member
Well to all you guys that would like to see DMR back again, giving it some serious thought. Thanks Guys.



There is no spoon
The thing is, as of Saturday, I have now listened to every paracast show there is, with the exception of a few of the early ones with nutters like Horn or Sereda in. Some of them I have listened to about 4-5 times lol, and I always listen to the Don Ledger one when I am having trouble sleeping (not a joke!)...

So i definately need some more awesome DMR and PCast shows to listen to, nothing beats driving to work with a good podcast on.

P.S Sorry Mr Ledger if you're reading, you're a super guy and that episode is actually quite interesting, but there is just something about it that literally makes me sleep... its like watching Golf. :D